Hostage - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

A simple trip to the bank.
That's all it was.
That's all I thought it was going to be.
Until I was held hostage.
With Louis Tomlinson.
Valeria Alden started out her boring day by doing something completely normal.
Going to the bank.
She never expected for a robbery to occur while she was getting some money. She never expected Louis Tomlinson to walk in during it. And she never expected to be held hostage with him.
When you're tied to a chair with one person for a whole day and locked in a dark room with them for a whole week, you get to know each-other.
She just never thought her life would change so much...


2. "Today's Occasion Involves Me Paying The Bills,"


Chapter 1

"Today's Occasion Involves Me Paying The Bills,"


"Name," the short, stubby bank teller rudely greeted me as he repositioned a pair of taped glasses on the bridge of his nose.

"Valeria Alden," I replied trying to sound the least intimidated as possible. The grey, wooly beanie was beginning to slip off my light brown hair so I quickly repositioned it and fixed my leather biker jacket too.

Withdrawing money isn't anything very exciting to be blatantly honest.

You wait in line, give your details and most importantly get your money.

But I haven't got a very hefty back account so it's even less exciting whenever I have to do all this. Today's occasion involves me paying the bills.

It's pretty hard to attend university with no scholarship and live in New York without going broke every now and then.

But I'm surviving anyway so that's all that matters.

As Bill, according to his name tag, continued asking me the usual questions, my mind began to wander, my thoughts filled with the next art project due and when I was supposed to go food shopping.

Finally Bill had all the information he needed and so he headed into the back, leaving me standing behind the steel bars that enclosed the main office from the outside world.

I knew then that it was safe to slouch and look around the large hall that held hundreds of business men and women, housewives and students, every walk of human being.

I always felt judged every time I walked in there. I mean I don't wear a dress suit or carry a briefcase. Instead I wear jeans and a jumper and carry a satchel on my shoulder.

On the televisions played different news stories that usually were about the many disasters going on in the world, natural or not.

I started to get bored as I waited for my money and subconsciously begun tapping in the wooden panels of the bank teller unit.

"Sorry for the wait, just sign this please," Bill handed me several hundred dollar bills and a sheet of paper, probably a receipt. I scribbled down my signature and handed it back to him.

When Bill gave me the all clear to leave, I grabbed my satchel, threw my money messily inside and began my walk back out of the bank. People shoved past, knocking me from side to side as I tried my best to reach outside safely.

Just as I met the freezing and wet weather, I was knocked to the ground.

"Shit," I cursed under my breath, stumbling to my knees and snatching the pieces of valuable paper from around me. My bag had spilled put everywhere along with the hundred dollar bills scattered on the ground. I grabbed the hat from my head, which was in the process of falling off and stuffed it in my bag along with the money.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" A male, very British voice apologised as he gently took my hand and pulled me to my feet. I didn't bother to look at him as I held in my anger, brushing myself off in the process.

"It's fine, don't worry about it," I lied wanting to get away from him as quickly as possible. I ran my hands through my hair, capturing the lose strands from my face and pushing them to the back of my head as I did so and threw my bag back over my shoulder.

I rushed towards a nearby wall to sort myself out before I had to leave for class. The hummed noise of hundreds of different conversations filled my head as I rummaged through the bag. Panic spread over me when I couldn't find it.

I looked in all directions, probably appearing to be a mental hospital patient.

I was missing one hundred dollars!

I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to calm myself before I did something I would regret in a public place. I already knew exactly who had it and I didn't even know what he looked like.

I looked up again, searching for someone that could possibly be English. No-one.

What was I going to do? I needed that money. I groaned as loudly as possible without making people suspect I was insane and clenched my fists together in anger.

Two things you should know about me; I've never been the luckiest person. Nope, I'm not that kind of girl which probably explains why I was in the situation I was in. It's just my luck. Another thing; I get angry quite easily. I can't help it and I've gotten in trouble before because of it. It's just the way I was made.

My first idea that could maybe work was to head back to the bank. It seemed like the most logical thing to do at the time.

Biggest mistake of my life...

As soon as I stepped foot inside that bank, I felt it. I knew trouble was coming and I knew I would somehow get involved.

Everything immediately turned eerily silent and all heads were turned in my direction.

Why were they looking at me?

That's when the screaming started. The whole room went black and I couldn't see a thing. Someone grabbed me from behind and before I knew it, my mouth was gagged and I was being pulled away.

I tried to struggle. I punched, I kicked, I did everything I could and still that was nothing compared to the strength of the person who took me.

The last thing I remember before going unconscious, the spine-tingling screams, thick black darkness, the taste of the drugged cloth wrapped around my mouth and the pain of my arms tied behind my back.

Hell was about to get a whole lot worse.


Sorry it's so short but I didn't want to give too much away in the first chapter! I promise it gets much more exciting next time!

What do you think so far? And what about the main character? Let me know in the comments and vote if you liked it :) xx
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