Moving Forward to the Beginning

Life after Tour begins now. With Jade and Niall's relationship moving forward as they move in with Bridget, Josh and little Kaitlyn how will they adjust and put the final touches on the house with Josh and Bridget still in the US? And will little Kaitlyn maintain good health and be able to fly back over to the UK?
And as the Christmas Eve wedding of Zayn and Natalie draws near will their nerves cause them to grow apart? Or will they come together to truely form the perfect couple.
Finally, Sammi is about to move in with Harry, furthering their relationship, but how is Louis doing on the sidelines? Is he truely over Sammi or will things heat up when Harry isn't home?
***** Sequel to Am I Really Good Enough*******


18. *** My Prayers***

Sorry if you thought this was the next chapter....

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you affected by the Boston Marathon bombing and the tragedy that occurred in Texas. Please always feel free to vent on my movellas if you have witnessed these events and need someone to talk to. ALso my twitter is said in one of my other stories if you would like to DM me. 

I will be praying for all of you.


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