That's life

Mit bidrag til lyric konkurrencen.
Et digt jeg lavede til en engelsk stil..


1. That's life



Little boys

may like toys

while little girls

prefer pearls

But when you become a teen

you maybe have seen

that life isn't thant easy

even sometimes a bit cheesy


When you grow up and getting older

you can't just run around and play solider

You have to make choises

Even if you hear a lot of voices

Life isn't that hard

You just have to be smart


When you get kids

and they play hits

You're going around and sing an old song

and they are thinking "What's wrong?"


When you get old

and maybe feel cold

Don't ever give up

and never stop


When you someday will die

there will be a tear in someones eye

You will always be loved

Even if you feel unloved



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