1D love story

Lily, Kenzie, Chloey, Kelli, Anika all fall in love with 1D.


1. Going to school

Lily's P.O.V.

I wake up. My hair is a rats nest. I go to the bathroom and i get undressed and take a shower. Then I brush my hair and get my makeup on. I hear Kelli in the driveway honking like crazy. "Come on Lily. We're going to be late" Kelli shouted " just a sec" I shouted. I get my shoes on and grab my bag. I ran to Kelli's car and sit in the passenger seat. Kelli is driving because shes the oldest shes 17 and 10 months. Kenzie's the 2nd oldest shes 17 and 8 months old. The 3rd oldest is Anika otherwise known as Ani she's 17 and 5 months. The 4th oldest was Chloey she's 17 and 3 months. And finally me I'm 16 and 11 months. It takes 15 minutes to get to school. We park in our usual spot in the back. We get out and go to our morning classes. Now it's lunch. It's pizza. My favorite food. Then we go to our afternoon classes. And then the bell rings and the day is over.
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