Will This Love Ever Go Down The Drain?

Based on a true story from school with minor edits... enjoy... ohh and check out love is liquidish by flora5499... its based on a true story too (kinda)


2. Her...

"Come on Andrea, let's go to Oscar!" my best friend Flora says. I sigh as she is always dragging me everywhere to her stupid boyfriend. My other best friend Layla sighed too as she just wanted to see her boyfriend Ryan. We walked out the library and picked up our bags, making our way down the stairs.


I see her in my head, strolling along with the gorgeous boy. I see her laughing, crying for joy. Her hair swaying in the wind, his flopping over his eyes, making his eyes look browner than ever. There she is and -

"WOAH! Gosh Annie, look where you're going, you nearly pushed me down the stairs!" my friend Vienna shouted, but I knew she wasn't actually mad. "Sorry Vienna, I was..." my voice trailed away. I couldn't tell them how I felt about the boy in the librar, even though they were my besties. I would have to wait a bit longer.

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