Sam is 16. Her life changed forever because of one mans sick and twisted mind? She has been kidnapped, but what the man doesn't know is that she can throw knives. It's a family tradition to learn. She tries to fend off as many people as possible and to try and save everyone. She saved josh from the man too, or has josh saved her? Are they in love or in shock? Is what happened real? Or is it a dream to conceal and protect her from her past?

And it's my first movella so it might be a little rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoy the story. :)


1. Chapter 1

What did he want? I couldn't think of anything else but this. I can't think of anything. I try really hard to think how to get away or how to send for help. The handcuffs are digging in to my wrists behind my back. The tape over my mouth is easy to get off but if I do I don't know what will happen. I have my phone in my back pocket but how will I call for help? I feel around on the floor. It's wood but not like in a house but like a barn or something, it's rough. It's dark. I hate the dark. New thoughts surface. Will he rape me? Will he kill me? When will I see light again? Has anyone noticed I'm missing? Will they find me? These just make me panic even more. I stand up and manage to get my handcuffs in front of me. I cautiously walk around the room so I can feel around. I'm crying streams and my cheeks are hot. It's a small room. I feel around on the wall. I found the door. It's locked. I walk around some more and my foot catches on something and I fall and crush my arms. I'm in pain. I roll over. I rip the tape off my mouth. I crawl over to what made me trip. It feel it. It's a thick nail sticking out of the ground. I put the chain in front of the nail and pull quickly to try and get it to break. I'm let out a yelp. I keep trying with more force, but it doesn't even crack a little and my wrists are bloody and I'm sure there broken. I sit down. I wipe the tears and I'm sure my face is covered with blood now. I manage to pull my phone out of my back pocket. I have no service so I must be in the woods. If I wasn't in the woods this place would be easy to spot depending on where I am. I wipe off the thick screen of blood to see the screen. I walk around and manage to get one bar. I quickly dial 911. Come on. Your fucking 911. Pick up! I hear a voice.
"hello this is green county police station. What's your emergency?"
"hello!? Yes I've been kidnapped! I need your help!"
"calm down and tell me what you see."
"I can't see anything he locked me in a dark room. I think I'm somewhere in a sort of woods. Please help me."
"what's your name?"
" Samantha. I'm 16. Please! I don't want to die. Please. I'm so scared. "
" Samantha, police are on there way. Ok?"
" ok. Don't hang up. Please."
" I'm not going anywhere."
Theres a long silent pause. I can hear footsteps.
" I hear someone coming."
" ok be very quiet."
He's at the door. He's unlocking it.
" he's here! Help me."
He busts open the door. I quickly shove my phone into my pocket. He is tall with dirty blonde hair and almost black eyes. I can see him. The room is full of light now. I still have her on the phone.
" please let me go!"
He just walks over and unlocks the handcuffs. I rub my wrists but stop because it stings. He is wearing a black shirt and tight jeans. He looks very strong.
"come with me."
His voice is very deep. I obey. I walk behind him. Every few feet there is a single light bulb hanging. There is doors every two feet. Which I assume hold more victims. I dare to ask but I do.
" how long have I been here?"
He stops and looks at me. He has strong features.
" three days."
I think my guess was right. Im not hungry. I almost never eat so I'm used to being hungry and going without food. It doesn't seem like three days it just seems like hours. I waited three days to take the tape off and call her and try to get out of the handcuffs.
"you won't last long."
I can't even imagine what he means.
" for what? Why did you take me? What do you want with me?"
I throw my hand over my mouth. I don't know why I said it. He grabs my other wrist and drags me down the hall. He opens a door. There is light. The straps me to a chair. He wraps up my wrists with gauze. He straps my arms down to the wood. He goes over to a table and takes out a needle. He shoves it into my arm and pushes the plunger down.
" what is that!?"
" it will just make you a bit more fun."
He unstraps me. I stand up but my legs feel weak. I fall forward into his arms. He throws me back into the chair.
He bends down and says something.
" you have to earn the chance to leave."
He gives me an evil smile. My legs feel somewhat better. I feel hyper now.
" I'll give you an advantage."
He walks out of the room. I pull out my phone and tell her everything until I realize that she is no longer there. I wonder when she hung up. I needed her help and now she is gone. I hear faint cheering. Where am I? He comes back. He is holding a huge knife. I think this is it. I'm going to die right here and right now. I look down. There is blood on the sides of my white t-shirt. My short short are covered in filth and blood. I tighten my pony tail. I think. If I can get the knife I can kill him and take his keys and run. He lays the knife in my lap. Why? I pick it up and inspect it. It's large and has a thick handle. It looks like the kind of knife that a serial killer in a cheesy movie would use but it will work. I've thrown knives at dummies but never a human so I don't know if it will injure him. I am a very skilled knife thrower. My dad taught me. I wanted to learn just incase I ever get kidnapped or something. I never thought it would happen though, or at least not to me. I've won several competitions before. I'm not sure I can kill someone though, even him. I grip it tightly. He leads me back to the hallway. I need more knives. They must have a whole room full if he had to leave to get this one. I wish I had a tomahawk right now. I need to find that room. I can't remember the last three days. I don't even know what I did for a bathroom. He leads me to a big door painted a dark red. The paint looks a lot like blood which makes me panic. He smiles at me in an evil way. The cheering noise got extremely loud now.
" what is going on?"
" your fighting for your life."
He unlocked the door and shoves me in. Their are people above cheering. I'm in a medium sized circle. I'm in an arena. I gasp. I turn and start banging at the door. I turn around to see the other door open and release a boy about my age. He has spiked brass knuckles wrapped around his hands. He has brown hair and blue eyes and is about my height. He is only wearing basketball shorts. Our eyes meet. The bell rings. I take a few steps. His chest shows that he knows this arena very well along with its victims. He walks up to me. I try to reason.
" we don't have to fight. "
He starts to speak.
" I want to go home."
" I do to. We can help each other. We can get away."
" how will we get out of this though? If we try to escape the send dogs after us."
" then we take them on."
" I'll try. "
We hold hands. Letting them know we wont fight. He lets go. He gives me this weird look. He lied. I run. He is a good 50 feet away. He runs to me and throws his fist at me. I try to run. The spikes just scrape my stomach. I'm bleeding. I run to the very edge. I'm back at the door the man threw me into. He is at his door waiting for me to do something. I take my stance. I arch my arm back and fling it forward and I let the knife fly. It hits him in the heart. He drops to the ground. My shoulder hurts. I walk to him. I pull out the knife. The crowd is silent. I ignore them and look at my Freddie crugar
Injury. The crowd just stares. They all look well dressed. Im on my own. The man comes back and takes my arm and throws it in the air. The crowd cheers again. I pull my arm back down to my side and run to the boy and take his weapons. The man is partly drunk so he doesn't really notice me taking them. He leads me out of the arena. I see a man in a lab coat. He has circular glasses, black hair and his eyes looks almost red. He is not very tall.
" come with me and well fix you right up."
He pulls me into a nearby room and lays me down on the metal table. He starts sewing up my wound and the right side of my stomach. It's very painful. In about 15 minutes I assume he is done and lets me leave. I meet the man in the hallway. He is very drunk now. The keys are in his hands. He is leaning against the wall. I need to get out of here. I need to kill him. He drops his keys. I pull them to me with my foot.
"hey! Give those back!"
He comes at me. My knife finds his throat. He will die in seconds. I pick up the keys. I want to ask him how to get out of here but he probably wouldn't tell me and he is already dead. In the past hour I've killed two people. How did he get drunk so fast? How long was I in the arena? I look down the hall. I didn't notice this before but there is signs above the door. They say weather a girl or boy is in the room. How many have they kidnapped? I can't save them right now. I need to get away from this body. I run down the hall and turn left. More doors. Run down that hallway and turn right. There is just more and more doors. I will never be able to get out. I hear footsteps coming my way. I unlock the door to my left and step inside. I turn around. It's a little boy about the age of 5 or 6. If they made this kid fight I will track down that bastard and... Either way I'm gonna get him. The boy smells terribly bad of urine. My heart sinks. He moves away from me.
"no I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to help you. Do you want to go home?"
He nods his head. The footsteps are right in front of our door. I putt the spikes on my knuckles and clutch the knife so tightly my hand is turning white. I whisper.
" be very quiet. Ok?"
He nods his head again. I'm ready to attack if they come in. I try to listen. There is a long pause. I hear them talking about a bomb. I'm paralyzed. There going to blow the place up. I need to get everyone out. The footsteps pass. I open the door and look out. No one. I step in the hallway. The boy runs up and grabs my hand. He is blonde and brown eyes. His eyes break my heart. There filled with terror. I bend down and he climbs on my back. I can't let anything happen to him because right now he is mine. I'm his protection. I walk down the hall and turn left. At the end of the hallway is a door labeled weapons. I jog to it making sure I don't hurt the boy. I don't even know if he has been injured. I unlock it with the key labeled "W". The room is huge and I can't even see a shred of wall. Guns, knives, masses. I've never seen so many weapons. Im about to puke because these weapons have never been cleaned. I set the boy down. I brush his hair out of his face. He has been here a while since his hair is way grown out. I cry a little. I need to see if he is hurt. I examine his face. I didn't notice before but his right eye is badly bruised.
" are you hurt anywhere?"
He points to his feet. His shoes are gone. His foot is purple and swollen. I cry some more. I take the bandages of my wrists and wrap his foot up tightly. The swelling needs to go down. I force my self to focus on getting weapons. I find some string on the floor and tie a few small knives to my belt. And I grab two hand guns off the wall. I just stare at my hands. I'm holding two guns. I'm killing people. I don't know if I can kill people. I've killed two already. I go back to the boy.
" go hide in that corner. Don't move or make a sound. I will be right back. Ok?"
"don't go mommy! I'm scared!"
I cry. He must not remember his mom. I give him a long and tight hug.
" I will be right back. I won't let them get you. Ok?"
"I love you mommy."
My tears are now a river. I've only known him a few minutes, I don't know how but I love him already.
"I love you. I will be right back. Now go hide."
He runs to his corner. I wipe the tears. I leave with six knives on my belt, two loaded handguns and spiked brass knuckles. As so as I get in the hall I'm crying majorly. It's hard to breath and I'm sure someone will hear and come and kill me. I start unlocking each door. After about fifteen minutes I have about 20 kids following me. I lead them back to the weapons room. I take a few older kids with me and let them each have a few weapons of choice. I have six kids with me and two are my age the rest are older. They guard me as I unlock each door. One of mine leads the rest back to the weapons. These people have kidnapped about 40 or so kids and I've only cleared two hallways. Most of them are very young kids. I start crying even more. Three men are running towards us. It all happens so quick. One kid shot all three with and automatic gun. There dead but you can hear more coming. He stares at me. They go to the end of the hallway and start shooting. I cover my ears and just sit on the ground. Death is all around me. The noise stops. They slump to the floor with me. I just look at them. Even though there bad you still get the shock that you killed them. We sit there in silence. We stand up and continue unlocking doors.
"go protect the kids. I don't want to argue about this. Go protect them. More men heard those shots. They will run to the weapons room to come and kill us. Go protect them."
They leave without saying a word. One boy stays behind. He is my age. He is blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He is just a bit taller than me. He has jeans and a blue t-shirt and big brown boots. He lowers his gun. My body does it without my brains permission. I fling my self at him. He embraces me tightly. I pull back after about a minute. I have tears on his shirt.
"sorry, it's just that I'm really scared and I can only bottle it up for so long."
My tears have stopped.
"it's ok."
I keep unlocking doors. The kids come back to show the new round where to go. This place is a square.
"I think we unlocked them all, but how do we get out?"
He thinks.
" I don't know."
We go back to the weapons room. The boy limps up to me and hugs me. I bend down to hug him back.
"mommy Im scared."
I pull away.
" I know, but we're gonna get out of here and well go get ice cream. Ok?"
"you were so brave. I'm so proud of you."
" I have to be brave. I'm gonna be a fireman!"
" and you will be the best fireman in the whole world."
" yes."
"how do you know?"
" because your the bravest little man I know."
" I love you mommy."
"I love you too."
I notice something on his wrist. It's a tattoo. They tattooed his name on him.
My brave little boys name is Blake. My wrists have stop bleeding. I lick my hand and wipe off the dried blood. They tattooed my name on my wrist too. They tattooed everyones name on them. I must have been knocked out for two days. Maybe that's why I don't remember them. Other little boys and girls come up to me and ask me all kinds of questions and they all call me mommy. They must be coping Blake.
" I have to go now but I will be right back. Protect the little ones no mater what!"
I stand up. I look at the boy that I hugged. I glance at his wrist.
"come on we need to get out of here."
I grab an axe. I still wish I had a tomahawk. Josh grabs some knives.
" um. Here you take my guns and I'll take the knives. Ok?"
"ok. Just let me grab a few more."
He has two automatics and two hand guns. I now have 11 knives, and axe and the brass knuckles.
"they need medical help. Follow me."
I go to the room where they stitched me up. I unlock it with the master key. No one is in here. We start taking all the bandages, syringes, pills and other medical stuff we can hold. We run to the weapons room and shut the doors. I take all the syringes and shove them in my pocket. I don't know what's in them so I don't want to kill anyone, or at least anyone I don't have to. The pills are basic pain relievers so i read the bottle and give some kids one and others two depending. I wrap up all kinds of wounds with gauze. I take a head count. 53 kids. Not including me and josh. 53 kids terrified. Who knows how many are dead. I'm responsible for 53 lives right now. The number will shrink dramatically. We probably out number them but they know how to leave and most of these little kids can't fight. I refuse to put a weapon in their hands and have them fight and be scared for life. There already scared. I pull to my phone and and call 911, again. It's the same dialog. I'm on the phone for about five minutes trying to figure out where I am. I hope they can track my cell phone signal. At that moment I'm sure everyone will be dead in seconds, because 10 men walk through the door with huge guns. The one in the front is wearing a white t-shirt, black dress pants, nice shoes. He has messed up brown hair and green eyes, strong features, no gun. My phone is still to my ear. My right hand pulled two knives automatically. I'm in my throwing stance. One move I don't like and he is dead, but then so is all 55 of us. I put my phone in my pocket and quickly grab two knives in that hand. We just stand there staring at each other for a while, not moving. He steps forward. I raise my right hand. All his men raise there guns. All the kids I gave weapons are all trained on the men. He says something.
"you know I could kill you. Right here, right now."
"I can kill you too. I can and I will if you make me."
"who's on the phone?"
"death. He got a message for you."
He laughs.
" and what would that massage be exactly?"
" he feels a little run down today, and he asked me to fill in for him. "
He grins. I stay focused. I can faintly hear the woman.
" police are on there way."
The man instructs he men to lower their guns and leave. I'm puzzled. Why did he make them leave? I tell my kids to do the same. I can't risk taking my eyes off the man. I hear them obey. Josh doesn't. My arm is starting to hurt.
" Im tired of these games. I will let you go. Follow me."
I follow at a distance. Even though I'm sure he is lying he might at least give us a clue on how to get out of here without him knowing it. As soon as I cross the doorway his men lock all my kids inside. I rush back to the door. He laughs. Ping. That's when I hear it. One of his men has shot me in the back of my leg. I scream. I hold my leg and try to put pressure on it but it's too painful. I've dropped my knives. The men take all my knives away. I'm getting dizzy. The man walk over and bends down and is inches from my face.
" i knew you would want to die fast, but you will die slowly and painfully. I don't like you. So I'm going to keep a close eye on you."
One of his men picks me up and carries me down the hallway. I'm passing out. I was supposed to protect those 53 kids. I knew this would happen sooner or later. I look out of the corner of my eye to see the weapons door.
" I'm so sorry. Im sorry. I'm sorr...."
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