A Night to Remember (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Laurie never expected to meet her idols at a club in London. Will Laurie and a member of One Direction fall in love or will her boyfriend get in her way? What about a love triangle... maybe
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3. Nandos and Texting

Ashley's POV

BEEEP!!! BEEEEP!!! BEEEEEEEPPPP!!!! OMG I gonna be late to work!!! AHHH!! I quickly hoped in and out of the shower. (I think i beat a world record of the fastest shower too!! Yay!) Breakfast time.... ummm lets see ceral will do. Because of my lateness, I brought the entire ceral box into the car. Great eat and drive, that must be agianst the law some how, whatever just this once. And now on my way to Nandos, where I worked.

Last night was amazayn!!!! At the club, I met this handsome curley haired guy. He had green eyes and was to melt for. I feel like i reconized him for somewhere I just couldn't put my fingure on it. It was so dark I could barley see his face.. Too bad I didnt get his number :(  Maybe fate will work and I'll see him again soon, I shoud reconize those green eyes of his. Soooo cute...... "Ashley! You're late!! This is your first infraction so take that as a warning!!" That was my manager Lindsay. She is always tellign everyone what to do and she's soo harsh on us. "I sorry Lindsay. My alarm went off at the wrong time..." I trailed off "Well Ash next time set it right!" and then she stormed off into the back "Oh and by the way you are workiing the cashier today." Grrrr... I groaned The cashier is the worest because you have to pay attintion all the time and smile and also deal wiht rude costumers, and if don't you're fired. Now I wait...

Yes finally a costumer... What the- this is odd 5 guys, I think. And they are all wear hoodies and sunglasses inside.... werid. Whatever they can wear whatever they want. The 2 guys ordered a chicken sandwhich. the third looked fimilar... where do I know him from? Did he go to my high school? No. Does He live in my apartment/flat complex? Nope. "Ummmm.. Excuse me." He knocked me out of my day dream. "Oh I'm sorry. What would your like?" "Just a chicken sandwhich please." Then something great happened as mystery man ordered he sun glasses flew off his and onto my side of the counter. I quickly glaced up at mystery man and it was...

HARRY STYLES!!!!!! OMFG That was the guy from last night. I quickly hand him his sun glasses and asked where I knew him form other than One Direction. I told me that I was the guy form the club. My thoughts were confirmed. Then he asked, "Umm Sorry but last night i didn't catch your name could you tell me?" He was such a gentleman!!! "Ashley" "Well thats a lovely name. Could we by any chance exchange numbers?" AHHHHHH!!!!!!! My idol was asking from my phone number!!!! "Oh sure" I quickly wrote it down on a napkin and handed it to him, he gave me his.

For the rest of the day I was soooo eager to get home and check my phone for a text from him!!!!! Surprizingly that was a great day at work!!!

Laurie's POV

I woke up at 10 to find that Ashley wasn't home.. Oh ya she had work at Nandos. All alone until she got back... Now I had something to do today but what was it? Whatever I'll think of it later. I checked my phone. 3 messages

From Niall:

Hey Laurie! :) This is Niall btw!!!

From Niall:

Hey do you want to grab coffee with me later? I'll be at Starbucks at 12 if you want to join me. <3

From Ryan <3 (BF):

Hey babe want to do something later? Love ya! <3

Grrr.. Ryan I just rolled my eyes.

To Ryan <3 (BF):

Ryan I believe you know I dont keep cheaters right? I saw that pic of you and Gracie!!! And FYI we done!! Don't talk to me, I thought we had something, I was wrong though.

To Niall:

Hey Niall!!!! I would LOVE to meet you at Starbucks!! See u at 12!!! <3

There now that I got that taken care of I can relax until 12. I looked at the clock 11. Oh Crap!! I stilll need to eat and get dressed!! nevermind on relaxing.... I went down to the kitchen and got some ceral yummy!!! Then my cell phone rang. being the dummy I am I didnt check caller ID

"Hello? Who is this"

"Ryan. Laurie dont han-"

"Ryan I dont have time for your shit!!!!! I told you we're OVER!!!!!!!!! I don't keep cheaters!!! Dont ever call me again!!!"

"Laurie, I'm not giving up on yo-"

I just hung up. This isn't rocket Science. Cheating+Relationship=Break Up... Its not that hard to figure out. I checked my watch.. Holy shit its 11:30!!!!! I quickly changed and brushed my teeth and drove off to Starbucks!! Ahhhh!!! I can't wait to see Niall again!!!!


***Authors Note***

Hey guys I hope that was ok. PLZZZ comment, like, and fav!!! That would mean so much to me!!!!! I really want to know you it was!!! Oh btw Im working on the cover. I've been using my laptop so it won't let me put it on. I'll have to try my mac later, my bro is always on it.


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