One direction fan fiction


4. Best old Friends...... or more than that

Who knew you could kiss your old best friend. I move my ips away slowly and he whispers, "I.. I'm sorry." I shake my head "No. Don't be sorry Louis." I say with my hand on his shoulder. My mom comes out of the train station and calls our name. We walk over to and we get in the car. I look at my phone and see a text from Harry. "Hey, come to my house tonight," it says. I text my mom insted of saying it out load, "Can I go to Harry's house?" She looks at me and nods yes. I look at Louis and I see him looking out the window. We were silent the whole ride home. Finally , I get out and say bye to Louis. He says bye back with a slight smile. I go to my garage and get my bike. Since Harry lives down the street, I just ride my bike to his house. I get on my bike and ride to his house. I knock on his door and his mom answers. "Oh hello Megan! Harry's in his room. " She says. "Ok thank you. "I say back. I walk down the hallway. I open his door and knock on it. "Hey, I need to talk to you." I say to him. "What?" He says with a discusted look. "We need to break up." I say. He looks up. "Why? What did I do to you?" He says. "Well, its just..... you never do anything... you use me ." I respond. He looks at me weird. "Well, good. Cus' I'm dating someone else." He says. A tear runs down my face. "You cheated on me? With who? " I ask. He responds, "Yeah, with Emma! Now get out!" "Wow, Harry..... I.... I never knew you would do this to me." I say. "Yeah whatever. Bye." He says back. I stand up and walk out of his room. I walk fastly down the hall and go out the front door. I go to my bike on the sidewalk. I pull into my driveway and set my bike down in the garage. To be honest, I'm glad we broke up. Now, I have an excuse for kissing Louis.

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