Survival or Death

Alaxzandria Bonn has to move to Canada when she runs into one of the most popular boy bands in the world: ONE DIRECTION
Alaxzandria falls in love with Zayn Malik and goes out with him one night when a gun shooter comes in and shoots her.


1. The Move

              I was at the airport getting ready to fly to Canada with my sister Dexterr. I don't want to move and neither does Dexterr. We have to move so we can do our summer project in science about the... well you probably don't care. I just want to stay in LA with my other sisters Millaince, and Niranda. Together we are IKR, a band we created when we were like 5 to7. Dexterr and I only want to move so we can get a chance to meet One Direction, our favorite band in the hole world! We heard there is a concert and they are giving front row tickets and back stage passes on the radio and they will be delivered to the winner personally by One Direction!!!!! Well since we were going to Canada, I had packed some of my cutest outfits so I can stick out. I probably would stick out anyways because the only I'll wear is sparkles. Dexterr and I said our goodbyes then we got on the plane and started crying.

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