Crush Doesn't Always Remain A Crush

Sophie Valerie Hutcherson and her sister Joyce Nicole Hutcherson lives with their uncle , Josh Hutcherson. Sophie is a superb singer but only her sister and uncle knows about it. She is a model for Seventeen Magazine. She bumps into Niall Horan while she was playing her guitar at the park one day. They kept in touch. She is starting to fall for the cute Irish Potato. Niall has abit of feelings for Sophie. Will he make the move? Or will she have to make him jealous?


1. Chapter 1

[Sophie's Point Of View] 

"Sophie! Time for breakfast!" The sound of my uncles voice comes floating up from the stairs. I get up groggily from my queen-sized bed and walk to the toilet and take a shower then comb my long brown hair down my back and wear my black color undergarments and put on my shirt (Loose and small. Exposes stomach) and my denim shorts and walk downstairs for breakfast. 

I live with my uncle because my parents died in a serious disease when I was a 4. So My uncle took me in and he was almost like our father. 

"Morning Uncle! Morning Joyce." I say once I reach the dining room.

"Morning Sis." My little sister replies happily eating her bacon and eggs. 

"Morning Sophie! When did you get that piercing on your belly button?" My uncle replies.

Oh No! I totally forgot about that! " Umm.. Last week." I say timidly.

"Cool.. I'm warning you Sophie. That is your last piercing okay? Look at you full of piercings. And I don't want your little sister to be like you." He says angrily. 

"Yes Uncle." I reply eating my bacon and eggs.

We ate in silence for awhile when my uncle asked me. " What are you doing today Sophie?"

" I dont know. Maybe Ill go up to the Studio and do some covers then go swimming or take my guitar out to the park. The weather is great today." I say happily and smiled at my little sister. Joyce is my music producer and my fashion designer. She is very talented. She smiled cheekily back at me. 

"Okay Sophie. But remember you have a photo shoot for Seventeen Magazine next Monday." My uncle replies looking at me.

" Ugh! Its Tuesday Uncle. There is like 6 more days." I said rolling my eyes. 

He didnt reply. After finishing our breakfast. I excuse myself from the table and went up to the Studio to take my Purple guitar with "Sophie Valerie Hutcherson" embossed on the back of it in gold ink and my favorite guitar pick and headed downstairs.

"Im going to the park! Anyone wanna follow?" I shouted up the stairs.

"No! Im designing some clothes for you Sophie!" My little sister shouted back. I smiled at myself. She is so thoughtful.  

"No Thanks Honey! Enjoy yourself!" My uncle says to me where he stands on top of the stairs. 

"Kays. Thanks Uncle." I say turning towards the front doors. Its a five minutes walk to the park. Once I reach the park I sit on a swing and start playing my guitar. I played the acoustic version of " I kissed a girl " By Katy Perry but I changed it a little. I sang along softly so that I wouldnt be surrounded by a crowd of poeple. 

I kissed a girl and I liked it,
the taste of her cherry chapstick,
I kissed a girl just to try it,
I hope my Uncle dont mind it, 
It felt so wrong, 
It felt so right,
Dont mean im in love tonight. 


Once I finish my song, I heard clapping behind me. I turned around to see a 5.7 Tall boy with Blonde hair and braces. He walked and sat at the swing next to me and said " Hey, Nice singing." I blushed abit and smiled. 

He streched out his hand to shake mine, I took it and he said  " Im Niall by the way, Niall Horan." 

I smiled and said " Im Sophie, Sophie Valerie Hutcherson. Nice to meet you. And are you from One Direction?" 

" Haha! Yes. I am from One Direction. Nice to meet you too."

We sat there in silence for awhile and I had nothing to do with my hands so I played " Born To Be Somebody " By Justin Bieber but I didnt sing. I am a huge Justin Bieber fan. I have poster 20 posters of him in my room. 

"So, Are you a Singer or something?" Niall asked suddenly.

"Oh No. Im not a full time singer like you. I just sing for fun. Im actually a model for Seventeen Magazine." I say shyly. 

"Oh Thats Cool! So your last name is "Hutcherson?" He asked again. 

"Haha! Thats true. My uncle is the one and only Joshua Ryan Hutcherson." I say giggling.

"By the way, I like your guitar." He said eyeing my guitar. 

"Oh Thanks! You wanna check it out?" I say passing over my guitar.

He took my guitar and looked at the back of it which was embossed with my name. 

"This is seriously a very cool guitar." He said touching the embossed words. 

"Thanks. My uncle gave it to me last year for my sweet sixteen." I say smiling taking back my guitar. 

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out and looked at it and I saw a text message from Joyce. 

*Hey Sis. I got your clothes done! Come back and check it out! :)*

*I coming. Give me a few minutes. :3* 

I looked at Niall and said " I gotta go. You wanna hang out at my place? I just need to get something fitted. Then maybe we could hang out." 

"Cool. Im following you." He said standing up. 

"I just need to try the clothes my sister designed for me then Im free." I say standing up.

He looked at me for awhile then shook his head like he was trying to clear it. 

" Whats wrong?" I asked.

"Oh Nothing. I like your clothes. Seriously. And your piercings."

"Oh. Thanks. They were designed by my little sister. And the piercings. My Uncle doesnt like them. He said this is the last piercing." I said pointing at my belly button. 

He smiled. "Where do you live?" 

"Oh. Just up ahead. 5 Minutes walk." 

We started walking towards my house. 

[Niall's Point Of View] 

Wow! She is a very pretty girl. I love her piercings. She is beautiful. And she knows how to play the guitar. 

" Who do you live with?" I asked Sophie who was walking slowly holding her guitar

"Its up ahead. Almost there. See the big brown house?" 

I look at where she was pointing and I saw a big brown house with 3 stories. 

"Wow! That is nice!" 

"Thanks. Its my uncles." 

"Why do you live with your uncle?"

"Oh. Because my parents died when I was 10." 

I looked at her and she just smiled back at me. 

"Im sorry."

"Its okay. They are in a better place. Anyways my uncle is like my dad. Here we are." She said.

A young girl came running out of the house and opened the door for us. She took Sophie's hand and tugged her and said " I made you a super nice jumper. Come on! Faster! Faster!" 

"Okay Okay. Wait. Emma! Emma!" Sophie called loudly. 

A woman came running out of the house and she stopped next to Sophie and said "Yes Miss?"

"Emma. Can you please help me take this up and put it in my bedroom?" Sophie said handing over her guitar.

"Sure Miss." The woman said taking the guitar.

"Thanks Emma! So before I go and see my jumper. I wanna introduce you to.." 

"Niall Horan..." The little girl whispered. 

"Exactly." Sophie said. 

"Hey there." I say stretching out my hand but the little girl just ran and hug me.

Sophie just laughed and said "Come Joyce. Where's my Jumper?"

The little girl let go of me and said "In your room."

We walked into the house and up the stairs. Sophie stopped outside a room with a plaque saying "Josh" on the door. She knocked softly and turned the doorknob and went in the room, I followed her and so did Joyce.

"Hey Uncle. Im back! And I brought a friend." She said and threw herself on to her uncle's king-sized bed.

"Hey Sophie! And get off my bed!" He said laughing.

She turned around and pointed at me.

"Niall Horan Uncle. From Joyce's favorite Boy Band, One Direction."

"Oh! Joyce keeps on telling us about One Direction. And she keeps on saying how Sophie will like Niall Horan." 

"Shut up!" Sophie said defensively.

Her uncle just kept on laughing and laughing. Sophie got off the bed and said rolling her eyes. "Lets get out of here. He is losing it."  

We went to a room with a plaque saying "Sophie Valerie" on the door and she turned the doorknob and we stepped into her room. The walls were a lavender purple and there were Justin Bieber posters,One Direction posters,The Hunger Games posters, Twilight posters, Taylor Swift posters and there was a bookshelf filled with teenage novels and a Macbook air and an IPad on her study table. A huge closet, a dressing table which was very clean. A big bathroom and her guitar was on her couch and on her bed was a purple colored jumper with the words "#Swaggy" on it. Sophie ran to her bed and  plunked down on it and took  the jumper and looked at it. 

"Joyce! Come here!" Sophie said stretching out her hands to her little sister. Joyce ran into her arms and Sophie hugged her and kissed her forehead. 

"Youre the best sister a girl could ever have." She said smiling at her little sister.

"How old is your little sister?" I asked.

"She is 15 and she is my music producer and fashion designer." She said smiling at me.

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