Let me heal you. With a kiss

Zayn Malik, the bad boy. After meaningless one night stands he figures he wants real love. When a young beautiful blond boy captures his attention he goes to find love with the boy. The only thing he didn't know? Oh yeah he's a broken boy. Who's bipolar.


1. Zayn

Zayn's point of view:
"Call me later Zayn" the blond said trying to wink at me.
"Sure thing babe" I said leaving the room. Of course I wasn't.in fact my manwhoring/womanizer days are over. I can't over the fact that I want real love. I thought walking out of the flat I just fucked some girl in. Yeah I fuck around trying to feel something. But what have I really done? Nothing but screw around with guys and girls just to never remember their names the next morning. I want someone to hold. Someone to love. Someone to tell corny love lines to. I want to be actually serious. My mobile rang bringing me out of my thoughts. I picked the call up.
" Hey mate. I'm having a party tomorrow you coming? Oh!and that kid who owes money to us is gonna be there. " my friend Harry said.
" yeah. Same time as always?" I asked knowing his answer.
" Yea! 12:00 as always mate! I actually um gotta go. Um bye. " Harry said hanging up on me. I put away my mobile as I entered my flat. Thank god it's Friday. I just wanna go to sleep. I wonder what people in a real relationship sleep like together. I would love to cuddle with someone. I would love to hold them in my arms and whisper sweet nothings into their ear. I only wish. Why would anyone actually care about a bad boy? All everyone ever wants me to do is fuck someone and call it a on night stand. Maybe I don't want this. I hate that everything I want I just can't have. Everyone is scared of me. As if I was a heartless monster. I just want that special someone. I just wonder if I even have one. Or if anyone would love me. For me. Someone who thinks I'm worth fighting for. Someone to hold me when I'm down. Or can laugh when whenever I want to. But I guess a fuck up like me can't have something like that. But I can try. Right?
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