My Bestfriend's Brother

Hi, my names Carter Chance. Im 17, Ive got brown hair and brown eyes.I have one brother,his name is Greyson. Well, I moved to Doncaster this summer . About a couple of days later,when we were all moved in and settled down,there was a knock on the door.'I got it!' I yelled to my mom,who was in the kitchen. I opened the door there was our neighbors.The Tomlinson.

***Her brother is Greyson Chance in this but he isn't famous***


1. Chapter one

Hi my name is Carter and i am 17.One day my parents told me that we were going to move to Doncaster. I was very excited but since i lived in the U.S. it would be a very long trip.So for the past two weeks all we have been doing was packing.
*day of moving*
Today was the day we were moving to Doncaster. Today was the first day of summer and i am going to miss my friends ,Tia and Bella. "Bye. I'm gonna miss you guys. You are still coming in two weeks right?" I said. "Yes and we will miss you too!" Bella said hugging me. My dad honked the horn "Come on or we will miss our flight!" He said. "Bye guys." I said hugging them with tears streaming down my face. "Bye!" They waved,tears down their face also. I got in the backseat with my brother, Grayson. I waved out the window as the car moved away from my two best friends. I looked at my brother, "ready?" I asked. He was twelve. He half smiled. "I guess," he said. "We will make new friends." I said trying to cheer him up. He left his best friend AJ, Bella's brother. He is coming with them too. "Hey, just think AJ,Bella,and Tia will be there in two weeks. Guess what! Around the corner there's a baseball field! As soon as we get there we will go play, I promise!" I said. His smile grew wide. "Thanks." He said. Even though we are brother and sister that fight often, we are really close. Soon we were at the airport,ready to board a plane to Doncaster, England. Ready to make new friends,go to a new school,and a new lifestyle. This should be....interesting.

Hey guys! What do you think so far. Will update tomorrow:)
Much love,
Reggilou and < 3 Morgan Tomlinson < 3
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