Operation: No Quarter-Back [ON HOLD :/ ]

Who says that the head cheerleader has to date the quarterback?
Well I'm not following it.
That's why I'm breaking de trend nd going out with any guy. Any guy but the quarterback.
Any guy but Ian Rodgers.
Navigate with Skylar Khrest as she tries desperately to avoid Ian.
Then new guy, or so she thinks, Zac DeJavier, comes along and things might just get better.
Or a lot worser.


1. Iyllar High and It's Prince of Jerks


My first day at a new school.

Iyllar High was just like any school in America. Graffiti tagged lockers located in the hallway. Teachers that basically had no life out of the school walls. And it’s fair share of juvenile students that thought they were the toughest kids in the world. I was not impressed, having lived the most of my life with teenagers that knew how to hold a gun before they learnt their ABC’s.

I was currently stuck in freshman orientation. Its goal of getting new students to make friends was failing miserably. I was the only new kid in this forsaken town and thus stuck staring at the scene before, quiet and discomfort evident in my eyes.

Being the new kid had major disadvantages. I was visibly the only one by myself as the other kids my age were running and greeting each other like they hadn’t seen one another for a decade. I stuck out, being the only one not in a pose.

Sitting there, silent my green eyes taking in everything I made a silent oath. Be so popular that I would never be alone. Ever.

Two girls walked over and sat down in the benches next to me just as the principal called for silence and an introductory to the staff and whole school.

The taller one of the two had long dark hair flowing down past her shoulders and dark brown eyes that instantly made one think of warm, delicious chocolate. She was very tan. Figures. Phoenix where there is a slight possibility of there only being 8 or 9 days of rain in the whole year, you were bound to be tan by the end of the year. The girl sitting next to her was also tanned, and her brunette hair was styled in a pixie-cut that accented her deep blue eyes.

My eyes watched them in envy as they conversed comfortably.

“Hey! I’m Gianna. Gianna Xhioan,” the dark-haired girl said as she turned and faced me. Her brown eyes pierced into mine curiously.

“And I’m Elisha Mahnley but everyone calls me Lisha,” the other girl introduced, her face lighting up in a sweet, innocent smile as she held out her hand.

“Hi, I’m Skylar Khrest,” I replied, shaking Lisha’s outstretched hand. She was definitely an athlete with a tight grip.

“So, you just moved to Larin, eh?” Lisha asked.

“Yeah, I just moved from Texas about a week ago. My dad got transferred,” I replied.

“Awesome!” Gianna exclaimed. “Texas. It’s a great place. My family and I went there last year to visit my aunt.”


“Well, Lisha and I have been friends from like pre-school and have basically lived here our whole life. I’m sure you’ll like Larin.”

“Hope so.”

“By the way need any help, just come looking for us. We’ve got your back,” Lisha interceded.

“Thanks,” I answered as the principal gave the needed welcome to us. The new meat.


        v     v     v


“Whoa! Who is that?” I wondered out loudly during lunch right after my eyes took in the entrance of a mass crowd. My eyes were glued onto the hot guy with blonde hair, green eyes that strangely reminded me of mine with a very tan, long, lean and well toned body that belonged on models and movie stars. Walking beside him were two other guys that were good looking enough but still had nothing on the guy that seemed to be in the centre of all the commotion.

The other two guys had on a smirk that seemed to scream ‘best first day of school ever.’ One of them was a blonde with innocent-looking blue eyes. His eyes focused on me like a hawk spotting a prey down in sight. His eyes were calculating as he seemed to notice me staring at them or more like at his friend.

The other one had a darker complexion from the others, had dark hair cropped hair with brown earthy eyes that lit up whenever he smiled.

Behind them, staring with longing were a multitude of girls that followed them around and only dispersed when the guys sat down at a table filled with the seniors of the school, a tough looking gang that intimidated us, the fresh meat. This didn’t seem to include the guys as they sat down and greeted the ‘cool’ as they liked to be called.

“Don’t go there,” Lisha cautioned as she looked where I was staring.

“Yeah. Don’t. Ian can be a major jerk,” Gianna added as she bit into her carrot stick.

“So I take it the blonde with the green eyes is Ian?” I inquired as I still stared at their table, taking in how the senior or was it juniors seemed to find Ian interesting.

“You are correct,” Gianna said. “His name is Ian Rodgers and well, he is as you may have noticed is a ladies man. That’s his pose or so. The other blonde is Blake. Blake Flynn. He is a player and is closer to Ian then the other guy. They practically grew up together,” she added as my eyes focused on the other blonde sipping on his cola as he seemed to be studying me.

He was definitely the player of the bunch.

“How ‘bout the other one?”

“He’s Drew. Drew Karma. He is… well… simply fantastic,” Gianna continued as she looked at Drew and blushed profusely, looking down at the table when Drew caught her staring at him.

“I take it you have a crush on him?” I asked, smiling.

“Correct again. But well… he’s just too perfect.”

“Nobody’s perfect Gianna. Nobody.”

“Thanks, Sky,” she said.

“One more question. What was up with the girls following them?”

“Well, that would be their fans and admirers.”

“What! They have their own fan club?”

“You do when you’re the hottest guys in Larin. There were four but the other guy moved away a month ago. They’re all like filthy rich and Drew… well Drew is from a small island in the Pacific near New Zealand. Fuji I think,” Lisha said, her brows cringed together in confusion.

“Fuji isn’t a country. It’s a mountain in Japan. Mount Fuji. Drew is from Fiji or something like that,” Gianna interceded.

“Fiji, eh? Like with the rugby thing?” I inquired having heard my father talking about their skills in the game of rugby. My father was a huge fan of the game, after football anyways.

“Maybe, yeah,” she answered as the bell rang for next period.

I stared down at the half full tray on the table in front of me. I hadn’t even taken another single bite after Ian Rodgers walked into the cafeteria and straight into my life.

“I’m done,” I exclaimed as the students in the cafeteria started to clear out. Dumping the contents of the tray into the nearby trash can I watched the senior table clear out with only one person still sitting. Blake had on a wicked gleam as he stared at me, seeming to formulate a plan in his mind.


        v     v     v


6th period Science was utterly boring as my eyes wandered over the many posters covering the white walls of the laboratory.

Male and female reproductory organs made me want to gag out loud. Nobody needed that type of exposure. Next to it was a picture of an embryo forming after fertilisation. Another gag nearly escaped from my mouth.

Finally concluding that avoiding the posters was a good idea, I turned back to staring aimlessly at the teacher that insisted on being addressed as Professor. He was as thin as a pole, with long, tangled up blonde hair that looked like it hadn’t been washed in ages. Mr Steward was teaching the whole entire class into unconsciousness as he went on and on about what life would had been like if there wasn’t any means of electricity. Boring, maybe but better than this, I thought. He had already enlightened everyone that his teaching method was theory and no practical, claiming that that was a privilege only for the upper levels of high school. We were not going to be getting along.

“Hey, new girl,” the guy in the desk next to me whispered.

“What?” I muttered, trying to wake up from a slight slumber that I had fallen into.

Holding out a note to me he said, “A note from Gianna,”

“Uh… thanks,” I replied, grabbing the note from him as I looked over at Gianna, who had gone back to taking down notes that everyone should have been doing ever since class started.

So bored. What did you think of Ian?

Like him?


My cheeks flushed red instantly.

Well duh? Why not?

He’s hot… crazy hot!!!

Sky <3

I passed the notebook back to the guy and nodded it at Gianna, who gave me a questioning look when she read it.

‘My answer,’ I mouthed.

‘Answer for what?” She mouthed back.

‘Ha-ha. Very funny Gee.’

She still had on that questioning look. I didn’t even have enough time to worry about it when the note got snatched from her fingertips by none other than scrawny Mr Steward, who for a small man sweated a lot.

“Ms Xhioan?” he said in his loud, annoying voice after consulting the sitting chart on his table. “Read the note out loud for the class to hear or you and Ms Khrest will face detention having interrupted my interesting class.”

“Sure thing Mr Steward,” she replied as she retrieved the note from his small fingers as my heart-beat accelerated. “It reads: ‘Sky, is DNA and RNA the same?’ Then she replies: ‘No they aren’t G.’”

I sighed out in relief but it was only short-lived as Mr. Steward extended his hand out towards Gianna asking for the note with a not so amused expression on his face.

Gianna handed the note back with a defeated sigh as Mr Steward read the note silently as my face heated up at the fact that my teacher was reading my private and very personal note.

“Well, it seems Ms Xhioan has read a completely different thing than of that is written on this paper. Now Ms Khrest, this seems to be inappropriate and not in any way related to any science subject,” he said in his annoying voice that sounded like person choking. “To teach a vital lesson, I think I will have to read the correct version. It reads: ‘So bored… What did you think of Ian? Like him? G’ Then Ms Khrest replies: ‘Well duh? He’s hot…crazy hot… ”

My heart literally stopped beating as the classroom was filled with silence, awkward silence. I stared at my desk, forcing back tears that threatened to spill out as I felt gazes burning a hole through me.

“AWKWARD,” a sarcastic voice said from the back of the room, the tension seemed to ease up a little as everyone except me laughed. My life had literally ended on the first day of school before the day had even ended.

“Now Ms Khrest, I take it this conversation is about Mr Rodgers,” Mr Steward stated the obvious as he glanced around the room, searching for the person in question. “Who doesn’t seem to be in class today,” he added.

I thanked my lucky stars for whatever reason that made Ian Rodgers miss Science.

“Uh… he’s doing some work for Coach Hurst, Mr Steward,” a voice called out from the back.

My eyes narrowed in a glare as I recognized it to be the same voice as before. Turning around and searching for the source, my eyes were wide open in shock as I looked at Drew Karma and Blake Flynn sitting at the last two desks with a fair number of girls in the nearby desks smiling seductively at them.

“Thanks uh… Mr Karma,” Mr Steward said it a tone that denoted any sign of gratitude.

“Sure thing sir,” Drew muttered as he gave me a wicked wink, not taking any note of Mr Steward’s sarcasm. “I’ll let him know of everything he’s missed out on today. Don’t you worry, he won’t be left behind.”

The freaking jerk…


       v     v     v


The bell rang as the period finally finished. Instantly searching for Drew like a predator my eyes settled on him exiting the class with a group of girls following after him and Blake, giggling ridiculously at something that one of them said.

“Drew,” I called out. “Can I talk to you for a sec?” I added and pulled him off to the side, not waiting for an answer.

“Whoa, chill out… girl,” he said in an amused tone.

“Can you please not tell Ian about what happened in Science?”

“Why not? You never know… he might just like you back,” he said with a broad grin on his face.

“Shit. No way please,” I begged.

“Whatever! Sivia ga na vaka cheche!” he went on in another language.

“Uh... what did you just say?” I asked dumbstruck. “What does that even mean?”

“In translation: Too much showing off or playing hard to get,” a voice said from behind me.

Let it be some busybody. Let it be some busybody. I silently begged as I turned around.

 My wish was however not granted at all when I was met with the greenest eyes and the most arrogant smile that had ever existed.

“Sorry, uh… who are you?” I asked as I tried hard not to blush.

“Oh come on Sky… You know this. Ian Rodgers and according to you, the hottest guy ever,” he replied arrogantly.

“Who the heck told you that?” I growled out as Blake slowly raised his hands up, seemingly proud of himself. “You bloody jerk,” I snapped.

“You see…” Ian interceded. “As flattering as this is and all, um… you just don’t got it, y’know,” he added as everyone watching us laughed.


       v     v     v


“So you seriously didn’t write that note?” I asked Gianna again a week later for the fiftieth time. I was still stuck on that day. Remembering Ian and that jerky grin, which I had initially thought handsome, back then, before he showed his true colours.

Gianna looked me in the eye as she replied, “Yes, Sky. I would never ask you in a note who you like. That’s too personal, I mean what if someone intercepted and read it. That would be a major disaster.”

“I need to find out who did it then,” I said as Gianna went back to eating her salad.

“Yeah we need to,” Lisha agreed after swallowing the last bits of her veggie burger as I glanced absentmindedly at the jocks table.

“What the heck are those insensitive morons doing at the jocks table?” I asked, having spotted the three jerks sitting there, cozying up to the kings of the school.

“Oh, didn’t you hear about it?” Lisha asked.

“Obviously not.”

“Well they’re joining the football team.”

“Don’t you have to be a junior to do that?”

“Yeah, I know but it was something about them being real pros at it or something like that.”


“Yeah, by the way they’re holding try outs for cheerleading tomorrow after school. Wanna try it?” Gianna asked as she gulped down on some mineral water.

“Yeah, let’s do it,” I answered as I glared at the three boys that had in one week made it up on my most hated list.


      v     v     v


“Hey Rynna,” I greeted my older sister who looked just like me but with my father’s blue eyes while I had my mother’s green.

Rynna was older than me by two years. She attended the only other high school in Larin, Rally High. Being a junior, life went easily for her and she never complained about anything in her life while I on the other hand, had developed it as I spilled my guts about everything.

“Hey Sky. So a little birdie told me that you’re trying out for cheerleading,” she said as she stretched out on the lazy boy in the living room as streaming through the many channels with the remote.

“Yeah. Not all of us can be student council material Ry.”

“Whatever. At least Rally High doesn’t humiliate in front if the whole student body on my first day of school.”

“Noted sis. Noted.



“Tell mum and dad I’m going out tonight. ‘Kay?”

“Yeah. With who? That Larry guy?”

“Nah… With Steve the quarterback.”

“Woo hoo. Go Rynna. Be safe,” I warned.

“Yeah thanks mum,” she muttered sarcastically.

“Welcome Ry.”

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