Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


15. Finally


I think I need to vomit.  Sydney ruined my life! She always thinks she's moving me with her stupid, fake words!  I begin to approach Lux.  She pulls her head out of her hands and looks at me.  "No, don't...don't even..."  She hides her face in her arms.  She was honestly hurt from a stupid text.  Sydney has sent texts way more naughty than that.  That, was nothing.  "Can I explain?"  I ask quietly.  She nods no.  She can't even talk to me.  The girl I am stuck in an elevator with,  the girl that is practically my family, the girl I am going to be on tour with, the girl I love- hates me.  "Okay, well you don't have a choice just...listen.  Sydney fancies me- alot, and I don't fancy her I promise.   She sends me these stupid texts all the time and usually they are alot more inappropriate than that.  I admit it.  She usually sends me disgusting texts.  Usually I don't care, I just ignore them and carry on with my life, but today, she ruined my life.  Seeing you like this makes me want to kill myself.  Lux, I will do anything to see you smile again."  I say.  I sounded like an idiot.  I don't blame her if she doesn't forgive me,  that sounded terrible.  "Mason, there's nothing you can do to stop Sydney from following her heart.  She loves you, it just kind of came all of the sudden, I need time to generate all of this.  But, thats not what's wrong.  What's wrong is that you didn't tell me about Sydney.  I could of talked to her about it, but you hid it from me.  We're a family, we don't keep secrets from eachother."  Lux says.  "Okay, I'm afraid of horses, I'm allergic to coconut,  I love chick flicks, I hate when my food touches, and..." I say but Lux cuts me off.  "What are you doing?"  Lux asks laughing, even smiling a little.  "We don't keep secrets from eachother.  But, you didn't let me finish.  Another secret I have is...that...I love you."  I finally said it.  I wanted to say it over and over again.  I expected her to slap me or something but instead she smiles and says, "I love you too, Mason."  We both smile and hug, and the elevator starts moving again. 

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