Never Stop For Anyone

Spencer had it perfect , Perfect Grades , Perfect Family , Perfect Boyfriend and Perfect Friends. Then her cousin Liam asks her to spend the summer with him and his mates.


2. Chapter One : Gross Pizza .....

~ Spencer ~

I woke up , I looked outside and saw it was another sunny day in California. I got out of bed and walked over to my desk. Above my desk was a pin board filled with pictures of me and my friends , and me and my boyfriend Drew. I look over to the corner of my room , I saw my packed suitcase. I'm going to spend the summer with my cousin Liam. I change into this : and walk downstairs. I see my parents and brother eating breakfast. I bring my suitcases to the door and walk back to the table. My mom tells me were leaving in 20 minutes. I eat some goodbye cake from last night. I put all my suitcases in the car and hug my brother goodbye. My parents are both in the front seat so I'm in the backseat.

We get to the airport and I go though security and everything. I hug my parents goodbye and tell them I will see them in September. Oh poo , I forgot to tell Drew I was leaving. I grab my phone and call. Voicemail. I left him a message saying. " Um , hey it's Spencer , I'm going to Londan  for the summer and then I start Uni , so I think it's best if we break up. So we can both start fresh , yeah bye" I hung up and put my phone away. I sigh and hand the smiling airport lady my ticket and walk to first class. I put my phone and Ipod on airplane mode, I listened to Cher Lloyd and Little Mix for most of the ride. We get to Londan at about 3:50 pm Amarican time. I get off the plane and look for Liam . I text himm telling him I'm off the plane. He texted back saying he was outside. I put on my sunglasses and grab my bags. I walk outside abd see Liam. I smile at him , he sees me and runs over to me. He picked me up and span me around. I smile and laugh a bit. He leads me over to some boys who I assume is the rest of the band. " Hello Love" The one who I assume is Harry says. " no ,no , no bad Harry m no flirting" Liam says. I smile as Harry fake pouts. " Well anyways I'm Niall " the blode one with the cute accent said. I smile again. " I'm Spencer " I sy smiling. " I'm Zayn " Says the one with dark hair. " and I'm Louis" the last one yells. I smiles again " And again I'm Spencer " I said " Lets go !" Louis yells. We all get in the car. I was told I'm staying with Niall.  He seems really funny and nice. We get to Niall's and he shows me my room and tells me to make myself feel at home. I walk downstairs and see Niall trying to cook. I laugh and walk over " want some help ?" I ask smiling at him. He nods " Thank would be nice" Niall says smiling at me. " LETS MAKE PIZZA !" Niall yells. I laugh and nod. We get out the suplies and we start making the pizza. After we finished the uniqe looking pizza Niall and I sit on the couch. " wanna play 20 questions?" Niall asks. I nod and shrug " sure" I say. " Okay , I will go first" Niall says. I nod and smile. " Are you a Virgin?" Niall aks. " Okay what happens in this room , stays in this room>" I say , Niall nods. " No" I say. " Oh , girl how old were you" Niall ass in a weird voice. " it as last year" I said blushing. Niall pokes my cheek. I slap his hand away and smile. He laughs. " Nobosy tells Liam I'm a non-unicorn" I say. Niall raised an eyebrow at me. " You see , when a unicorn has it ,it's horn falls off" I say smiling. Niall laughs and nods.

After about 2 hours Niall is my best friend. We watched movies , talked and pigged out on junck food. I went to bed and I found a butter knive and carved my name into the wall. I smile and change into this :   . I crawl into bed and fall alseep.

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