George, My Little Monkey

George Shelley decides to do a twitcam on 23rd November, 2012 with JJ. They answer some questions by the viewers and they crack some jokes, but when one girl, Ellie, comes on and discovers the twitcam, she opens the twitcam and the first thing she hears is George saying something awkward so she tweets something awkward... (Insipired by the story: It all started with a twitcam and a tweet)


2. Natasha, The Lucky Girl

"Guess what?" Natasha and I said to each other at the same time when we saw each other at school. "What? You tell me first!" Natasha squealed, "No, you first!" I replied, laughing. "Okay then.... I MET MY HAZ YESTERDAY!!" she screamed at me in glee, "YOU WHAT? You met Harry Styles, from ONE DIRECTION!!! YESTERDAY?!" I said, shocked. "YES!!! Oh my god, he was seriously looking sexy yesterday!" Natasha screamed once again, jumping up and down in excitement. "Wow... I'm really jealous.Well, what did he say to you in his gorgeous voice?" I said, jumping up and down with her. Other boys and girls walked past us, giving us weird looks. I ignored them and I fangirled with Natasha. "He said that I was gorgeous, and if I would call him and he just handed me HIS NUMBER!!!" she squealed again. My mouth opened, "Wow, what did you do when he handed you his number?" I said, happy for her, "I called him later on, last night. And HE ASKED ME OUT!!!" Natasha screamed loudly. "WOW, ADJFHUAGIUEASA" I fangirled. "Yeah, and I accepted and we have this date tonight!" she said, holding my hands and jumping up and down again. I jumped with her, laughing, "So what's your news?" Natasha said seriously, and she stopped jumping. "Well, umm.... You know that George and JJ from UnionJ were doing a twitcam last night?" I reply, looking down at the floor, hoping that Natasha wouldn't be jealous, "Mmm?" Natasha said, waiting for a reply, "Yeah well, George DM'd me on twitter last night, saying if I would give him my phone number, and after a long flirtious arguement, I gave in and gave him my number and he called me up and I called him my lil monkey, then he replied, saying that I was his lil panda!" I said, smiling. "WHAT?! OMG, ARE YOU SERIOUS?! OMG, WHAT IS AIR?!" Natasha screamed again when I finished talking. She hugged me and I hugged her back.



Sorry I couldn't think of more to add to this chapter! Don't be a silent reader, comment, favourite, like this book! I love writing this book :3

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