George, My Little Monkey

George Shelley decides to do a twitcam on 23rd November, 2012 with JJ. They answer some questions by the viewers and they crack some jokes, but when one girl, Ellie, comes on and discovers the twitcam, she opens the twitcam and the first thing she hears is George saying something awkward so she tweets something awkward... (Insipired by the story: It all started with a twitcam and a tweet)


1. The Twitcam

"I would just stick it in her mouth and just let her suck on it," George said, laughing. I only just got on the twitcam and George was saying this to JJ. I tweeted, 'Awkward. Just sticking it in her mouth and let her suck it? #Confused #explainplease!'

George stopped laughing for a moment and he peered at the screen. I guess he was reading one of the tweets. He laughed once again, "To this girl, called Ellie, well, I was explaining how I would feed a little girl an ice-cream!" George said sniggering. I laughed, then I tweeted back, 'Phew! Thought you meant your privates, ya know? Thanks for explaining #twolittlemonkeysgeorgeandjj!'

George laughed once again, and I guessed that he was reading my tweet again, "I can assure you, Ellie, it's not about my privates!" he said, grinning at the camera. I laughed on my own, feeling a bit awkward myself. JJ cracked some jokes and most of the girls tweeted different questions, mostly one direction related questions. JJ answered all of the questions, then George said, "Excuse me guys, I have to go and do something, be right back!" and with that, he left the twitcam. Then my phone vibrated on the sofa. I picked it up; 1 new DM from @unionjworld.

I opened the DM on twitter, and it read; Haha, loved your tweet, give me your number maybe? George xx

I blushed lightly, and I replied: Well, I don't know if you're the real George or one of the other boys pretending to be you xx

George replied: Trust me, I'm George! xxx

I replied: Only if you come on the twitcam and shout, "I LOVE JJ'S SMELLY FEET!" ahaha xxx

George replied: Okay, here we go! WHOOP WHOOP! xxx

Then I looked at my laptop screen, George appeared onscreen and shouted loudly, "I LOVE JJ'S SMELLY FEET!" I burst out laughing. JJ looked at George as if he was crazy, "I do not have smelly feet, thank you monkey!" JJ said sarstically. George stuck his tongue out at JJ and he went off the twitcam.

George sent to me: Happy? Now what's your number gorgeous? xxx

I replied: How can you know I'm gorgeous? xxx

George replied: Well, in your icon on here, is an icon of you and your best friend, Natasha. I know that because I seriously do stalk you on here :3 xxx

I reply, smirking to myself: Wow, thanks George! 7528579287592 is my number, so call me maybe my lil monkey? xxx

Then with that, my phone recieved a call, from an unknown number. I accepted the call and George's cheerful voice replied, "Hello! It's your lil monkey!" "Hey lil monkey! What's your nickname for me?" I reply, smiling to myself. "My lil panda," George replied, laughing. "I can be sure that this is just the start of a beautiful friendship," I say, laughing.

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