November Terror

She was just a normal teenage girl living her happy life. She had a good life. Great parents. Amazing friends. But what happens when she makes a foolish mistake and walks down a dirt path that takes her to some unknown place?


1. November Terror

November 24th. That was the day that everything changed. The day that my world got turned upside down. My life was always normal I guess you could say. I was just a teenage girl living life, going to school, hanging out with friends. That is until one day. My 17th birthday. I lived a genuinely happy life when I was younger. I had a mother and a father. They never fought. I had a few friends. I was happy. But then that pitiful day came along. I don't really know how it happened. It just kind of well happened. It was quite chilly outside considering it was late November, but that never stopped me from wandering around outside in the frost-bitten air. From taking late night walks. I never thought anything of it. I always had thought that my small little neighborhood was safe. You never heard about anyone getting killed or kidnapped. I guess my ego was just a tad bit too high. I guess you could say that I'm a rebel. Or even that I'm full of myself. But let me assure you that I am far from that. You see, I don't disobey my parents and I sure don't cause trouble. I just like to get away. To be alone for awhile. To escape. And taking walks does that. It calms me. But I never knew something so horrendous would happen from just taking a short walk around the block. Every time I went on a walk, I always felt safe. I never felt like something would attack me or hurt me. I but this time, I didn't feel safe. At all. I was taking one of my daily walks around the neighborhood when I felt it. I could feel something watching me. I had earbuds in so I couldn't hear my suroundings. Ed Sheeran was blasting into my ears and I'm surprised I wasn't deaf. As I was walking, I came across a path. I had never seen this path before and I wasn't really sure where it would take me. But, of course, being the curious girl I am, I went down that little dirt path. And believe when I say that I really do regret it now. I regret letting my mental acquisitiveness take over. I was a foolish young girl. I can't deny that. Sometimes I wish that I had never gone on that walk. Sometimes I wish that I would have never had those earbuds in. It was no ones fault but my own. I take full responsibility for what I did. I wish I would have been less naive.

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