Stole My Heart

Two ordinary girls are at a club little did they know they r being watched bye two super cute guys find out what happens.....


1. One Direction?

Rose's POV

Me and my best friend, Erika were dancing wildly at our favorite club Forever Young.

"Let's go to the bar! I saw this really cute blonde there!" Erika said and grabbed my arm and led me to the bar. She was right, there was a cute blonde sitting next to a really cute guy with brown curly hair. He turned around and smiled at me, I knew who he was ... Harry Styles. He is such a flirt, he is just into one night stands and crap like that. Well I'm not :| I think if your gonna have a short term relationship, it's a waste of time. Then the blonde turned around, it was Niall. I had nothing against him so I smiled at Niall. Harry walked over to us "Can I get you two ladies a drink?" He asked and looked me in the eyes. "No." I turned around and left. "I'd love one," Erika said and sat next to Niall. I felt someone following me, I turned around "If I had 1 drink with you would you leave me alone?!" He grinned "Yes." "Fine." I walked with him to the bar and I saw Erika and Niall laughing. I sat in a stool and he got me some fruity drink.

"So what's your name?" Harry asked, I took a sip of my drink "Rose." "That's a beautiful name, just like the one who owns it." He smiled

Erika's POV

I don't know what Rose's problem was but oh well. "So Erika, what do you think about Irish people?" He winked "Hmm, I think they're cute, funny and really charming." He kissed me on the cheek. "And hot." I added, I kissed him on the lips then gave him a slip of paper that had my number on it. "I have to go, bye Niall." I went to go find Rose, she was with one of her friends. What about Harry? Why is she being so rude? I tapped her shoulder "Lets go." She turned around, "Harry leave me -- oh sorry Erika, I thought you were Harry." We left the club then I saw Harry. Harry and Rose would look so cute together, "Rose meet me at the car." I ran over to Harry, "Here this is Rose's number." I gave him a piece of paper then ran to the car. Rose is gonna hate me for this, buuuut she'll get over it. I laughed at the thought.

Rose's POV

I woke up from a text, I had a huge headache xO

-Harry: Hey, your friend Erika gave me your number :)

-Rose: Delete it.

I'm not gonna give in to him! Sure he was cute, funny, charming and had an amazing smile but I dont care.

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