One Direction Kidnapped Me!

Yeah that's right. I was kidnapped by the famous '1D'. Every girls dream right? Well, not this girl. These guys messed with the wrong chick and I'm getting the hell out of here.


19. Chapter 16

Kylie's POV

I had finished both of the packs and now I was just singing along to whatever was on my iPod which happened to be We are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

"'Cuz WEEEEE Are neverever gettin' back TOGETHER!" I was slurring my words as I closed my eyes and shouted the words. I was just sitting on my couch, swaying my legs, with an empty bottle in my hand.

I was singing  terribly, super pitchy. I was still screaming the words when I heard my door unlock. I stayed where I was, still singing.

The boys came in looking determend. When they finally got to the living room, they just stared at me. It was silence.

"Sup?" I said, nodding in their direction. They looked at me confused. I ran a hand through my now blonde hair as they came closer.

I got up, a little wobbly, and with the bottle, walked to each one of them.

First Niall.

"Hayyyyyyyyyy! I've beenwonderin'when you'd be back!" I slurred as I gave him a hug. Oh God I was drunk but I really didn't care.

"LEEYUMMMMM!" I said. I walked up to him and lightly punched his arm. "How's life?" he looked at me really strange. What a weirdo.

I tried to fist bump Louis and Zayn but they didn't back so I just shrugged and wobbly walked over to Harry.

"'Sup Harararay. How's the bitching business? " I poked him in the chest"Oh btw, I wuz wondren' sometin. Did you by happen use protection?  I think I'm a little young to get preggo." I said, giggling. I didn't even realize what I was saying. All the boys looked at him with shock.

"Harry, we need to talk." Liam said, madly. They all turned away from me, but I heard what they were saying. Not really, but all I heard was them yelling at him, and then LiLi saying I was drunk. No dip Sherlock. 

After they finished arguing I was singing again to another song on my playlist. Liam started coming over to me.

"Kylie, we're leaving." he said.

"But this is my FAVORITE song!" I whined. He payed no attention and tried to grab me. He was about to pick me up when I stepped back.

"You ain't gettin'anyofDISSSSS." I said, giggling as I made the motions. He didn't get the joke. He picked me up again, me  struggling.

I had to get out of his grip.Oh yeahhhhh! I still have the bottle. I took the bottle and banged it hard against his head,. sending glass everywhere. LiLi fell to the ground, taking me with him.

"Owwww." I said as I hit the ground. I got up and looked at him. Liam was out cold. I giggled and looked at the horror-stricken boys.

They all looked at me. I giggled again.

"Oopsies!" I was giggling alot. Niall was staring at the bottle in my hands. I looked at it, it was sharp and broken. I gently touched one of the pointy parts. I giggled again, lightly. 

I got bored with looking at it and threw it at my couch. As soon as I threw it, Harry and Niall charged at me. I gasped and side stepped, they fell and I was standing right next LiLi. I looked down and he was starting to wake up. He looked up at me and before I could process it, he grabbed my ankles and yanked me down. I hit my head and it went dark.

The last thing I remembered was two strong arms picking me up and an Irish accent saying to grab my iPod.

Then I was out.

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