One Direction Kidnapped Me!

Yeah that's right. I was kidnapped by the famous '1D'. Every girls dream right? Well, not this girl. These guys messed with the wrong chick and I'm getting the hell out of here.


1. Chapter 1

Kylie's POV

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed at the curly one. 

"YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE! I WANT TO GET OUT!" that time I wasn't screaming at anyone in particular,  just screaming.


Oh right, you're new here. Let me start from the beginning.

----Two Days Ago----

From: ally is a sexy beast

omg guess what! i just got 2 1D bac stage tickets! pls come wit me ky!


I sighed and began texting back to my insane best friend.

To:  ally is a sexy beast

u no i don't like them! i'm happy for u tho!


I pressed send and almost instantly I got a text back

From: ally is a sexy beast

I no that but dont make me go with kate!


I laughed, imagining her little sister there, probably screaming at the top of her lungs the whole time.


To: ally is a sexy beast

fine. but that doesnt mean ill b happy about it!

I pressed the send button and I knew she was still probably freaking out. Even though the boys lived in the same town as us, every time they even sneezed she flipped. I mean, its not like I hate the boys or anything, I just don't prefer their music. I've always been more of a Beatles fan.

I turned my phone off, knowing that a major long text was coming about how awesome I was from Ally. I put in my ear-buds and pressed the shuffle button on my iPod. Surprisingly  They Don't Know About Us came on. Grrr, Ally was in for it big time.

I didn't care that much, and anyways spending all that time with Ally, I knew this song by heart. As I continued down the street, I sang along with it.

When I was about half way there to my house, a black ( yes black, not white. I wanted to change things up a bit!) van screeched down next to me. I moved back, shocked; my mum had told me always to be on lookout but I had been distracted my the song.

Out of the van cam two guys: one blonde and one with curly brown hair. I didn't care who they were, I just started running. I screamed at the top of my lungs, just like mum told me too. I started to pull out my phone to call 999 when I realized I had shut it off. Oh shit. I still heard the guys behind me, but I thought I heard 3 more too.

I had almost made it to my house when SMACK. One of them had tackled me. The wind was knocked out of me and I couldn't talk, more importantly, I couldn't scream for the much needed help.
All the other guys caught up and then, as the one who tackled me tried to pull me up, I kicked where the light don't shine. He yelped and let go of me.

I turned around and I was correct. 5 against 1. This was going to end well, Kylie.

I started throwing punches at who ever came near me when suddenly someone grabbed me from behind. I tried to kick him but he didn't see affected. The other 4 guys picked themselves up and started heading back to the van. 

I was pissed. I turned around to face my capturer  and it was the blonde one.He smiled at me and I could have sworn I knew him. 

Wait! That's right. I'm pretty sure he's in One Direction. Yeah, he's the one with the Irish accent.

"You're in One Direction aren't you?" I asked, purely curious. 

"Yes." He smiled at me.

"Shit." I said. That surprised him and he loosened his grip.I pulled out of it and tried to run some more. I was NOT going to be kidnapped by these guys.

But, lucky me, the van just pulled up and the one dressed like a sailor grabbed me while the curly one placed a cloth over my mouth.

Oh shit shit shit shit.

Everything faded to black and I knew I was in for it.


Hey guys how do you think of my first chapter?? I took a break from the others 'couse I've been having SERIOUS writers block. But I had an idea so why not??? 

Luv Ya'll!

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