Boys, Boys, Boys

Cynthia, Holly, and Vannessa. Best friends forever, no matter what, but then... High School.

CYNTHIA: Self-image problems. Abused. Mom lives in a different city. So of course, the first guy who tells her she's pretty, or the first guy who asks her out, she can't say no. But what happens when she gets so caught up, she becomes known as the new school whore...

HOLLY: Small, short, adorable. The three words that she was called on a daily basis. But was that what she wanted? No one thought this nice, small girl could ever be involved with such a rude ass boy, like him...

VANNESSA: New school, new town, new people, and of course, new friends. So, the first group that offers her a spot, she takes it. Was it the right choice? Especially when the boys of that group, get a little too close for comfort...

Will these boys take control over their friendships and lives? Or will they stick together through it all?


1. Vannessa-Meeting Miles

'This shirt? Or this shirt?' I asked myself while getting ready for my first day. Today was the day, my first day of high school, freshman year. The move had been difficult, leaving Cynthia and Holly, all of my close friends, and all of my classmates. I don't know a single person at this new school. What if they don't like me? What if I don't make any friends? Where am I going to sit for lunch? All these thoughts kept running through my mind. But whether I like it or not, I have to go. I finally decided on a purple off the shoulder top, with some white shorts, and my white high-top converse. Good enough, I thought. I went to the bathroom and put on some mascara and my favorite watermelon lip smackers. 

"Time to go!" Yelled my mom from downstairs.

"Coming!" I shouted back. I grabbed my black leather purse and my phone, took one last look in the mirror, then headed downstairs.

"Welcome to Hoover High School! This year will be..." 'blah blah blah is all I heard. I swear, these teachers would not shut up. Yes, I understand it's the first day, but you don't need keep announcing the same exact speech in every single class!' I was sitting in third period and I could hear my stomach starting to grumble louder as each minute went by. 'Gosh, when is lunch?' I thought. I started playing with my hair that had taken me over an hour to straighten this morning. I glanced at the clock, and realized with despair, that it was only third period. My thoughts were interrupted by a tap on my shoulder. 'What is that?' I thought. I turned around to look at the person. It was a guy. A cute guy. He had buzz-cut brown hair, a cute innocent smile,with perfect white straight teeth, and a little birthmark right above his lip. His eyes were chocolate brown, and he had a perfect tan. 

"Hey sorry, I was gonna ask if you had a pencil I could borrow?" 

"Umm.. Yeah, let me check." I said while leaning down to my purse. 'Damn, this guy's cute' I thought to myself. But why is he asking me for a pencil? There's plenty of other people in this room. I grabbed the first pencil I saw and handed it to him.

"Here you go," I smiled.

"Thanks," He smiled back with a wink.

I turned back in my chair, praying that I didn't blush. A second later, when it was time to sign some papers, I realized that I had given him my only pencil. Wow, I feel stupid. So I decided to ask the girl next to me, hoping he wouldn't hear me. She told me she didn't have one. So, I sat there like an idiot, pretending to read and sift through my papers until the end of the period. I figured, I'll just sign these when I get home. *Briiiiiiing* Oh, there's the bell! 

"Hey, thanks again!" He said as he laid the pencil on my desk.

"Yeah, no problem," I replied. My eyes automatically followed him leave the classroom. I noticed he was wearing a red snap-back, which so happened to be my favorite color. And without even thinking about it my eyes drifted over to his butt. It was cute. Especially for a boy. Then I realized I had been daydreaming this whole time, and I was the last person in the class, still sitting. My teacher was giving me a look like aren't you going to leave? 

"Oh sorry, I was caught up in the moment." I quickly grabbed my bag and pushed my chair in. 

"See you tomorrow, have a nice day." he said. 

"Thanks you too. Bye." I replied. And I hurriedly rushed out of there. 


--Lunch time--

It smelled like a mix of fried food and cheap perfume when I got to the lunch room. I looked around and realized that the tables were already filling up. 'Where am I going to sit?' I thought. I felt really awkward standing in the lunch line by myself, while everyone around me had at least one friend they were chatting happily with.

I was so out of it, that I didn't hear the lady call, "Next!"

Someone shoved me slightly, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Oh! Sorry!" I apologized as I stepped forward with my money. "Um, I'll just have a turkey sandwich and a water please."

After I got my lunch, I walked to the side and looked around the cafeteria. All the tables were already full. So I walked outside to the quad, and saw a bunch of people sitting on the grass and picnic tables. 'Where should I go?' I considered maybe going to find the guy that asked me for a pencil, but then I realized that would be really awkward, to walk over to him and ask to sit with him. Yeah. Not happening. Then I thought well.....there is the bathroom, but how embarrassing would that be to tell my mom and anyone who asks that I ate in the bathroom my first day? Plus it's not like I would want to eat a sandwich while sitting in an unsanitary stall, reading all the cheesy love notes on the bathroom door. So I thought to myself. The only place I could think of, where I could be by myself, was the ...library. So off I went by myself. Feeling like a friendless loser.


--After school--

"All right, see you kids tomorrow," Said the teacher as the bell rang for the end of seventh period. Finally, first day, over with. As I walked into the hallway, I saw the kid that asked for a pencil earlier, coming my way. I quickly touched my hair to make sure that it felt okay. As he got closer, I looked up and our eyes met. I gave him a shy smile, and he smiled back at me. He had the cutest, softest smile a boy could have. 

"Hey dude! There's the girl that gave you a pencil in Mr. Harlow's class!" I looked up to see this tall kid, with pudgy cheeks, buzzed cut hair, and big green eyes nudging him in the shoulder.  

"Oh yeah, hey..." He said.

"Um, hi..." I replied. 'Wow, this can't get any more awkward' We were standing there, in the middle of the hallway, while people were trying to leave, making barely any eye contact, while his friend was doing all the talking. 

"Hey, pencil girl, what's your name?" Asked his friend. 

"Um..Vannessa, what's your names?" I asked.

"I'm James, and this is Miles" He replied. Hm, Miles. I could get used to saying his name. I smiled to myself. I'm glad I gave him my pencil after all.

"Oh cool... well.. um.. I'll see you guys tomorrow." I said.

"All right, later pencil girl," Said James.

Miles smiled shyly, "Bye."

"Bye!" I gave a little wave, and walked off. '' That was the awkwardest conversation. Ever. Why didn't I talk more? I'm never this shy! Tomorrow, I will talk to Miles again, and hopefully be able to have a conversation. I reached into my pocket and took out my phone. The first thing I promised myself I would do is call Cynthia and Holly. Now all they had to do is pick up.. 

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