Angels At Work

Amanda was an 11 year old girl who ran away from her abusive uncle. When she was 9, her parents died. She now lives in the woods and is hardly ever seen because she doesn't trust other people but the 3 things that keep her fighting are a locket her parents gave her with a picture of her family in it, a dog tag her brother gave her the night he disappeared,and the belief that her brother is out there looking for her. One night when she was hiding in the woods singing a song that her brother used to sing to her when she couldn't sleep, she was found by an older boy. She then goes to stay with him and 4 of them end up being the brothers she never had. And the last one ends up being the brother she always longed to see again. And yes! This is a One Direction Fanfic!


1. Trust!

Amanda's POV

All the hikers and campers left, it was Christmas Eve, and I was walking around the woods that I had called home for 2 years now. "A tornado flew around my room before you came, excuse the mess it made." I sang. This is the one song that gives me hope and helps me stay strong, the one song that I sing when I can't sleep, this song is me. "Or do you not think so far ahead?" I sang. "Cause I've been thinking 'bout forever." I heard a voice behind me sing. I turned around and saw a boy he looked to be about 18 or 19. "Can I help you?" I asked. "Yes! Can you explain what you're doing? Wandering around the woods at midnight on Christmas Eve?" He asked. "I live here!" I said. "In the woods?" He asked. "Yeah." I said as it started to snow, I started shivering uncontrollably. "You'll freeze to death out here!" He said taking a step closer. "No I won't!" I said. "Yes you will! Please come back to my place with me!" he begged. "Um...I-I Ugh! Ok! Fine!" I said. "Great the boys would love to meet you!" He said. "The boys" I said worriedly the only reason I agreed to go with him is because he reminded me of someone."Don't worry they wont hurt you" He said. "Ok!" I said as I walked towards him.We walked to a white mini van."I'll turn the heater on" He said."Thanks I don't believe I caught your name" I said."It's Liam and your's is?" He said. "Amanda!" I replied. He smiled and we got in the car. I fell asleep soon after we started driving. "Amanda! Wake up!" I heard Liam say, and I snapped awake. "Hey Liam! Are we at your house yet?" I asked."Yeah!" He said. I got out of the car and followed Liam to the front door. "Boys! I'm home!" Liam yelled as we walked in. I hid behind Liam because everyone was staring at me. "Guys! This is Amanda!" Liam said. I waved shyly at all of them. "Liam I'm not about to argue with you because this is your house, but are you crazy?!" The blonde one yelled. "Niall calm down!" Liam said. "As I was saying, Amanda this is Harry, Niall, Louis, and Zayn!" Liam said. Then my stomach made a whale noise. "When was the last time you ate?" Liam asked. I blushed, embarrassed. "Um...about four days ago." I confessed. "Louis go get some of the leftover pizza!" Liam commanded while leading me to the couch. "So where are you from?" Harry asked. "The woods" I said. "Um...Ok what's your favorite song?" Niall asked. "Thinking about you by Frank Ocean!" I replied. "Hey! That's my favorite song, too!" Liam said. I smiled. "Cool!" I said.

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