One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


8. New kid~ Liam for Anna

Your at school in your 6th period class sitting in your desk by the window staring at the blue sky minding your own business until your annoying teacher Mr.Vault brings an unfamiliar boy into class, He guides the boy to the front of the room and starts to speak.

"Hello class, we have a new student joining the class this is Liam Payne"

Liam stares at the ground, not looking up at the class once.

You noticed  his short chestnut brown colored hair and his caramel colored eyes that seamed to hold curiosity and mystery in them. You started to study his features, you noticed the purple bruise that's on the left side of his face below the temple, the bruise spread to the top of his cheekbone. You now its none of your business but you cant help but wonder how he acquired the bruise. You snap out of your thoughts as Mr.Vault starts to talk again.

"Well class I trust that all of you will be kind to Liam and help him feel welcome"

"Hi' Lam says with no emotion.

He looks up from the ground his eyes scanning the room, he has a small frown on his face but then your eyes meet his. His lips curve into a small smile, He grins mysteriously as he continues to hold your gaze with his. You feel your breath hitch in your throat, your usually not the kind of girl to fall for the new kid but there's just something about Liam that you cant help but be intrigued by.

"Liam, why don't you go sit at the empty seat by Anna" Mr.Vault motions to you and the empty seat.

Liam slowly nods and makes his way to the desk, dropping his backpack on the floor with a thud as he sits in his seat.

Mr.Vault riffles though the many stacks of paper on his unorganized desk as you hear him sigh.

"Class, it seams as if i have forgot the worksheets, i have to go to the copy room and get them please behave" he says to the class as he exits the room.

That's when the silent room became very loud, students screaming to others across the room, Laughing jumping around the room. Your quite overwhelmed so you just stayed seated and tap your pencil rhythmically on your desk.

Tap, Tap ,Tap

Until you feel a hand on yours and you immediately stop tapping your pencil, you see  the hand belonged to the new kid Liam.He looks up at you as he says "I'm sorry, its just that tapping was driving me nuts"

"Oh, I'm sorry" you mutter embarrassingly.

He offers you a smile "Its fine, I'm Liam" he says extending his arm for a handshake "and your are"

You take his hand giving him a firm handshake as you say "I'm Anna"

His caramel eyes meet yours "Anna, that's a beautiful name"

You feel your self start to blush at his comment, Liam notices that your pale cheeks are taking on a pink color and he smirks his mysterious smile seeming quite satisfied with himself.

"How did you get that bruise" you asked it just pouring out your mouth and you kinda regretted it after.

"Umm got in a fight at my old school" He said touching his bruised eye.

You didn't ask him any more questions about his eye, you guys just kinda got to know each other.

"So beautiful, i was wondering maybe we could go see a move or something tonight" he asked with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

You tried to hold back your excitement, that an extremely hot guy just asked you on a date but it was hard.

"Yeah, i would love to" you say overly excited like you hoped you wouldn't.

He chuckled lightly "well give me your number and ill call you" he said handing you his phone, you quickly put your number in his phone handing it back to him.

"Well i guess ill see you later then beautiful" He said kissing your cheek as the bell rung giving you a cheeky smile before he walked out leaving you in shock as to what just happened

And that's how your relationship with Liam Payne started.

(Hope you like it Anna, thanks !!)




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