One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


1. I can Love you more ~ Harry for Katie

You stand there felling you heart brake in to a million pieces  . . .

Watching your boyfriend Max kissing some girl. You felt your stomach drop tears steaming down your face. You wanted to go over there and yell , but the only thing you did was run .

Run far away.

You ran as fast as you could out of the your sisters wedding down the sidewalk not caring how ridiculous you looked. After getting as far away as you could , you found yourself sitting on the edge of  the side walk curled up with your knees tucked in your chest balling your eyes out. You finally grabbed your phone calling the one person who was always there for you.

Harry Styles . . . .

You've been in love with him since you were 12 years old , he was your first kiss, first love, first time he was your first everything.

But things got complicated when you guys were 16 and he left for X-factor, you both decided it was best if you were just friends till he got back then you would start again. But things didn't work out as planed. He and his 4 band mates became the most famous boy band in the UK. , he was always touring, doing interviews, flying all over the world. He didn't have time for you anymore like he use to, that's how you meet Max. But you were always in love with Harry and that would never change.He stole your heart a long time ago.

After three rings he quickly answered. 

"H-Hello" a groggy voice filled the phone.

You forget it was about 11:30 and he would probably be sleeping since he was always busy .

"d-did I wake you" you asked trying to hold back the tears.

"I'm fine , why dose it sound like your crying" he asked you could hear the concern in his voice.

You couldn't hold it in any longer, you broke down sitting in the middle of no where crying your eyes out.

"Katie calm down love, where are you" he asked you could hear moving around though the phone.

I-I don't k-know" you choke out trying to calm down. It was true you had no idea where you were.

"Look around for a street name or address" he instructed

You did as you were told looking around until you found it. "Harry I'm on Washington Blvd." you say as the cold hits your body sending shivers down your spine. All you had on was a tight blue bridesmaid dress on that stopped at the knees and 6 inch heels.

"alright ill be there as soon as i can just don't move"


With that you pressed end hugging your knees again waiting for him to come.After about 10 minuets you finally saw his black rang rover pull up with him jumping out of it. You couldn't help but notice how incredibly hot he looked. He had on a blue sweatshirt with a pair of black basketball shorts and his curls hidden by a beanie


He leaned down in front of you pulling you into his chest wrapping his strong arms tight around your small body.

"your freezing love" without any hesitation he ripped his sweatshirt off revealing his perfectly toned chest making you feel weak just looking at him.He slipped it over your head instantly blocking the wind form hitting your body.

You wrapped your arms tight around his neck hiding your face in his chest, the next thing you know your in his arms bridal style as he walk you to his car. He opened the car door gently setting you down but you tightened your grip around his neck not wanting to let go. He lightly chuckled.

"Babe unless you want to sit here forever you have to let go so I can drive" he explained kissing your head lightly.You slowly let go not wanting to , he quickly walked around slipping in the drivers side starting the car. The first few minuets were quite, until he finally broke the silence.

"I've missed you" he whispered still staring at the road.

A smile grew on your face. "I miss you to"

"Want to talk about it"

"maybe later" you say not wanting to think about it.

It went quite for a while.

"Want me to drive you home"  he asked as you drove close to your house.

"um I was wondering if I could stay with you tonight" you said felling a little embarrassed

He looked over at you with a confused face at first probably thinking why your not with Max but soon it turned to a smile putting all the pieces together.

" I would love that" he said with a huge smile. You just smiled back.

"Katie you know I can treat you better" he whispered connecting your hands. You looked down at your now intertwined  hands.

" I know Harry but things our so complicated" you explain looking over at him.

"they don't have to be" he replied looking at you with a serous face.

"Harry . . . . 

You wanted to be with him but now was just bad timing, you just saw your boyfriend cheat on you, you weren't really ready yet.

"What Katie I'm not Max i would never do anything to hurt you" he said sounding a bit angry "I love you more then anything" he added kissing you intertwined hand.

You were confused and hurt but you new Harry was the one you loved and this time you wouldn't let him get away.

"I loved you to" you whispered tightening the grip on his hand . . . .  


( i hope you like it Katie, if you don't sorry. Anyways thanks for commenting Have a nice day!)








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