Cheaters lies and the Truth(book 2)

**FINISHED**Hey guys this is sequel to 'dirty little cheaters'
While Darcey and Niall are in Paris they meet Louis. After they meet Louis in Paris things start to change. At school other people were talking about Niall cheating in Darcey. But when she lost her memory she never remembered that he cheated on her. When Louis heard about that he brought Maria (the girl niall cheated with) to Paris to see if Darcey would remember when she caught Niall cheating because Louis wants Darcey with him. When louis shows up with Maria will Darcey remember the time that Niall cheated on her then date Louis? Or will she not remember and just be stuck with the guy that cheated on her? Find out in 'Cheaters, Lies, and the Truth.

(Book 2 to Dirty Little Cheater)


1. Seeing Louis in Paris

When we see Louis i think what the heck is going on?
I ask, "Louis what are you doing here?"
He says, "well my mum just got a new job and her interview os here in Paris."
I think, i really dont think he is telling the truth. I think he is just trying to get Darcey away from me.
I say, "oh um ok?"
Darcey says, "wow thats so weird we bump into a guy at school. Louis it was nice to see you we need to meet up sometime. Just text or call me when u want to meet up." 
Then i pull Darcey to start walking away.
Darcey says, "ouch, niall that really hurt."
Louis said under his breath, "she deserves someone way better than that."


My mom having an interview really im so stupid. Niall pulling her away that hard wasnt that nice at all. And she said oww. Ya just dont even 
say sorry such a "nice" boyfriend.
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