Kidnapped by Nialls new girlfriend

Taylor was just sleeping because she was tired from shopping and coming back from the mall and then all of the sudden someone puts something over her mouth and nose and she blacks out for a day. Then she wakes up in a dark room and chained to a wall. She doesn't have her phone or anything she had since last night. She doesn't know what to do. Will she get help by someone and fall of them or will she rot in the basement?


1. Shopping

Taylor's pov~
ALLY!!! Get ur ass down here! We are gonna be late! HURRY UP! "IM COIMG!" she yelled. "I'll be in the car" I yelled to her. God she is so slow. I thought to myself. I saw her slip down the stairs and landed in her butt. I started lauging my ass off. She was walking to the car blushing. I tried to stop lauging but I couldn't. She got in the car and smacked my face a little bit not hard.
Nialls pov~
man I get lucky. Abby is my type of girl. She is so nice, pretty, funny, and smart. We are going shopping with the boys and their girlfriends. We are leaving in five mins. But if shedoesnt hurry up its gonna be hours. The only thing that makes me a little mad is when she takes forever.
Ally's pov~
I was getting ready. When I got a text. From a unknown number. It said "I'm watching you." igot scared I locked my windows and closed my blinds. I ran downstairs but clumsy me I fell down the stairs. Taylor saw me and started laughing. I blushed because of it. I ran to the car. She was trying to hold it in but she couldn't help it. So I smacked her face but not hard. She gasped. It was quite funny. I got my phone out and showed taylor the text. She looked really werided it out. She got her phone out and typed the number in her found that it wasn't anyone she know. She took my phone. She texted the number asking who it was. She gave me my phone back and started driving to the mall.
Taylor's pov~
Ally got thus werid text. I didn't know who sent it so I replied asking who it was. He or she hasn't a} hot. Haha. "do you know who those hot boys were?" Tay asked. I stood there dumbfounded. I slapped her and gasped but not hard. She just asked what. I said its one direction. She said oh and walked into the mall. We went to aero. We bought some clothes and left to a different store. Store after store after store.
Tay's pov~
I was walking looking at my phone. Then I ran into someone. Clumsy me. I looked up and saw the blonde guy.
Nialls pov~
Im so stupid. I ran into a girl on the way to the bathroom. She is quite a shopper. She had a lot of bags and so did her friend. I helped pick everything up and said sorry again. And I told her my name she said her name is Taylor but call her Tay. She handed me her number. Man shes cute. Niall don't say that you have a wonderful girlfriend that loves you very much. But her blue eyes get me. I love them. And her dirty blonde hair. Niall stop. "I gotta go see you later Tay." "bye." she said.
Abbys pov~
whats taking Niall so long. It's been about ten mins or so... I text him. If he is talking to that bitch that was staring at him I'll do something I'll anything to her to her to leave him alone. "Niall baby what took you so long I was wondering if something happened." "oh I just ran into someone and I knocked down some of her stuff down." "oh what she look like?" "dirty blonde blue eyes
, smallish, skinny, and she had a friend tall, skinny, had red hair, a blue skirt, and white shirt." that bitch. "oh ok." I said. I find you later. I thought to myself. We finished shopping when I saw the girl leaving with her friend. I told Niall and guys that I saw someone I knew and I'll meet them at nialls house. They said ok and see you in a bit. I followed her. She got in a car. I followed it Asgard as I can she didn't really live that far from nialls. They got and went inside and I followed them. They left the door open what idiots. I got in and hide in a place. When I heard them say there going to bed I waited like a hour. I texted Niall saying I was staying over at my friends house and I'll see in tomorrow. I got out of my hiding place and went to the store to grab that stuff that Knicks you out when it's put on a mouth and nose and crap. I went back into the house because I didn't lock it and I went to look for the "lover girl" I saw girl and pressed the stuff on her face. She woke up but then that crap put her to sleep. I dragged her to the living room. I grabbed the keys to the car. I dragged her and threw her in the car the back of the car. I drove to my place because everyone's I'm pretty sure is at nialls getting drunk or something. I got to my house and no one was there luckily and I got her out of the car and opened the door to my place and went to the basement. What can I say I'm jealous of this peiece of shit and that Niall will leave me because ofnher. I ain't the best girlfriend but I'm trying to be. I ain't perfect but I have my weird ass flaws. Sometimes I like to hurt people. But this isn't one of my flaws it's me trying to hurt someone because of trying to get with Niall. This bitch will pay.
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