Fight for Life

Number Nine.
He just looks like you or me, but in reality, he comes from the planet Lorien. An alien, one of the few sent to Earth to escape their planet's destruction. Hunted by his enemies, the Mogodorians, Nine--although he will never admit it--would give anything for a break from his immense responsibilities.
Rachel Vega.
Once belonging to a trio of best friends, Rachel's life turned completely upside down when both of her friends became werewolves. Now one, Olivia Marx, is dead, murdered by one of her pack members, and the other, Grace, is fighting meningitis, the disease which will cure her of being a werewolf-- but only if she survives it first. And worse-- Rachel is becoming sick, herself, with a mystery illness.
When Nine is somehow sent to the world of Mercy Falls, he has no clue why: until he discovers that he could help save Rachel and Grace. Only that. And then leave. But will he be able to? Or will a certain freckled face make him rethink?
For the Crossover Contest...


1. Nine

One moment I was camping out in an abandoned house with the rest of the Loric, the next I was in the middle of a pitch black forest, staring into the glowing green eyes of a wolf as it slavered over me.

I had been lying on the floor in the abandoned house we were calling "home" for a night, looking out of the small gap between the old, rotting curtains at Earth's moon: from here, a tiny crescent, so pure, small and simple. Just like Marina.


I had turned my head away from the window to look at the girl beside me. Marina.

Marina was Number Seven. At fifteen years old, she was incredibly beautiful. I couldn't help being attracted to her... which was funny for me, you know? I'd always thought I'd be the one to fall for those gun-slinging, energy-blasting, looking-like-they-were-able-to-beat-you-up sort of girls. But Marina's completely the opposite. Wide awake, she's gentle, kind and helpful. Fast asleep and lost in her dreams (or nightmares), she looks completely vulnerable.

The first time I saw her sleep was yesterday, the moment I fell in love with her. We were in a makeshift tent, and I just saw that little bit of vulnerability, underneath all the scars she'd gotten from fighting and that I-can-do-it attitude she always wore... and I saw how much she was like me. Then... I don't know what happened. I can't explain it. But it was like this little twang inside me, a guitar string being plucked, and I saw her hair waving in the breeze. And in that moment, I knew I loved her, and I kissed her on the cheek.

Now, Marina looked even more beautiful. Her dark hair was illuminated by the sliver of light the crescent moon gave off. She breathed silently, inhaling and exhaling rhythmically.

Tomorrow, I thought, tomorrow, we'll just be running and running. Again and again. Who knows if we'll ever stop. We're probably going to keep running until we die. Which could be tomorrow. The day after that. Any day. 

I sighed, looking at Marina, curled up into a little ball on the rotting wooden floor, shivering slightly against the cold draughts. I took off my own blanket and put it around her.

Oh, Marina, I thought. I saw her give a little sigh of relief in her sleep as the warmth from my blanket took over. I wish every day could be like this night. I wish you were mine. But if your heart belongs to Number Eight, I won't ever change your mind.

That sounded like a song. I hummed a little tune in my head.

I wish every day could be like this night. 
I wish I was yours and you were mine.
But if your heart belongs to someone else,
I won't ever try to change your mind.

I only wish you'd see me now
Lying here, on the ground,
Trying to keep you safe in your dreams

As long as you're here, I'll never drown.

I'll never drown? I had tried to make a reference to her breathing-underwater Legacy, but I wasn't sure if I liked that line. And what was I doing writing songs? It was like poetry. I didn't understand poetry, but now I seemed to be understanding those songs which were sung by soft-voiced guys on acoustic guitars. Songs which had feelings.

No. I couldn't let myself fall to that level. I needed loud songs, to block out those feelings I could never show, would never show. I had to be strong, or I would never recover from succumbing to my weaknesses. Still, I found the melody repeating itself over and over again in my head.

"I wish every day could be like this night. 
I wish I was yours and you were mine. 
But if your heart belongs to someone else, 
I won't ever try to change your mind..."

"Shut up!" I hissed at myself. But my mind just kept on repeating the lyrics.

Wait a minute. That wasn't my mind...

"I wish every day could be like this night. 
I wish I was yours and you were mine..."

Someone was actually chanting those lyrics.

They rolled around me like a swarm of bees, like a neverending ocean. Over and over I heard the tune I had been humming to Marina. The tone of the voice was changing as well, becoming sneery and sinister. I choked down my screams and forced myself to get a grip.

But the voices were becoming too strong. I could no longer hear the crickets chirping outside my window. I could no longer hear Marina's slow breaths. I could only hear I wish every day could be like this night I wish every day could be like this night I wish every day could be like this night I wish every day could be like this night...

The voices became an overwhelming buzz in my ears and I blacked out.

When I came to, the voices had faded. I looked around me. I was in a forest, but I could hear cars a little way away. Maybe a few miles. I turned my head to look up into the sky and my eyes and mouth opened wide in terror.

A giant black wolf was standing over me, drooling onto my chest, green eyes staring at me maliciously. I knew if it were human, it would be licking its chops, ready for dinner. Me. I gave a choked laugh.

I was imprisoned for a year, lost Sandor, and spent my life being chasearound by evil aliens. Also, the one girl for me out of the billions in the world is one of the seven Loric still surviving, who might die any day now. And she loves another one of us seven. And kicking all this aside, my noble death is going to be "wolf dinner" style. Why? Just... why?

There was no escape. I closed my eyes and waited for the end.

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