Everything About You

When a terrible accident bring Ella and One Direction together, what will happen?


5. Chapter 4

Hi guys, I'm really sorry I haven't been able to update lately, and now that school's out for the summer, I will hopefully be able to write more often, and therefore post more often! I've done Chapter 4 now, so I am posting it! Enjoy! xx





“Ella McCleaver.”


I snapped back into reality and stood up, along with the rest of the boys and Charlotte.


“Please follow me, boys, and girl, and I will show you to Ella’s room. Please don’t freak out when you see her, she’s still unconscious but definitely doesn’t need any fuss in the room,” the nurse informed us, as the motioned us to follow her. We walked down yet another white hallway for a bit until she stopped us again.


“Now,” she asked, “Who is the legal guardian?”


Damn it. I forgot about that. We need a legal guardian with us to be able to see her.


“Charlotte… Who is her legal guardian?” I asked, nervous that we would be kicked out until that person, whoever he/she was, came!


“Um… Her dad, I guess. Her mum died when she was 3… I have his number if you guys want to me to ring him…”


“So none of you are her legal guardian?” the nurse questioned us. Great.


“No…” Niall was holding Charlotte’s hand now and I now wondered if there was something going on between them.


“Well you cannot go in without a legal guardian’s permission. I’m sorry, but you will have to wait in the lobby until he or she arrives. I’m very sorry.” The nurse seemed firm so I decided there was no point in arguing.


“Come on, guys, let’s go call Mr. McCleaver.” I turned around and started walking back where we had came from, back into the lobby. I looked back and luckily, everyone was following me out. Charlotte was messing around with her phone, hopefully to find Ella’s dad’s number, and Niall was guiding her out.


*4 hours later*


“Sorry I’m late, I was in a meeting and I just couldn’t leave!” I turned around in my seat to see a man with dusty hair and business clothes walk in. Standing up and shaking myself out, as I had been sitting there for around 4 hours after Charlotte had called him. I found things to do to pass the time, but I felt obliged to stay there considering the position we were all in.


“Hi, sir. I’m Liam, and, well, nice to meet you.”


“Mr. McCleaver. Ella’s dad.” I could hear the other boys come up behind me so I thought it would be appropriate to introduce the other boys.


Before I could, Harry, of course, came up and introduced himself and the other boys, but I had noticed that nobody had mentioned Charlotte, and she hadn’t said anything either. I took the initiative and did it for her.


“This is Char-“


“I know Charlotte, thanks though, Liam is it?” Right. She’s Ella’s best friend, of course her dad would know her. How embarrassing…


“Yeah, it’s Liam. So… Are we seeing Ella now or later?” I hoped we could see her now; at least to see her, make sure she was okay…


“Yeah, I guess so.. Lets go see her.” He walked briskly across the room to the front desk where he briefly chatted with the lady, and then followed her back to the short hallway where we had been before.


I felt a bit awkward because I wasn’t sure whether or not we should follow them, or maybe-


“Come on, Liam!” My thoughts were abruptly interrupted when I discovered Niall was already walking towards the hallway with Charlotte still holding on his hand for what seemed like dear life, and the rest of the boys had already started following them, leaving me just standing here thinking about what they were already doing. How embarrassing. Again. I make a mental note not to do that again and begin to start walking towards the hallway towards Ella’s room, to discover her fate.




“Hayley, sweetie, please come downstairs, we need to talk.”


Oh no. Mum said the words. ‘We need to talk.’ What could it be this time? Last time I was grounded, the time before I had my phone taken away for a week. AND SHE CALLED ME ‘SWEETIE.’ Sweet-talking me, as usual.


Reluctantly, I got up from my comfortable beanbag chair and headed for the closed door to my room, opened it, and walked down the wooden stairs towards the living room. To my surprise, mum looked like she had been crying, and dad looked upset and grumpy. What was going on?


“Sit down, Hayley, we need to talk.” My dad’s voice was husky, not normal.


“You said that before. So, I’m here. What the hell do we need to talk about this time?” Sure, that was a bit rude, but to be fair, I barely got any sleep last night from reading this amazing One Direction fan fiction on Movellas. So I’ve been in a horrible mood all day. Yes, I like One Direction. I’m a big fan, actually. Not the stalker type though, that’s a bit weird. I mean, they are just regular boys, too! I would definitely be more than a little creeped out of someone was stalking me. Gosh. Some people need to learn.


“No need to be rude, Hayley, now’s not the time for that.”


“Sorry. But you still haven’t told me anything yet!”


“Your cousin, Ella…” Mum didn’t finish her sentence as she put her head in her hands, crying, and dad rubbed her back. Something serious was going on.


“What about her? Is she alright?” I hoped for the best, but somehow I knew something bad was coming. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes, even though I had no idea what had happened to her yet. You see, Ella and I are really close, almost like sisters! I see her like, every weekend, and her whole family actually came over yesterday! Mum and Ella’s mum are twins, so they are quite close as well, and dad and her dad are both big fans of the Brisbane Lions, so they always have something to talk about.


Dad was the one to speak next. “She, well, was on the beach, with Charlotte, and, um.. There was a car.” Yes, I know Charlotte, I pretty much know all of Ella’s friends and she knows all of mine, too! But that’s beside the point.


“A car? I thought that maybe you were about to say she drowned or something, considering your faces! What happened?” I was getting a bit, well maybe more than a bit, frustrated and flabbergasted now.


“If you keep interrupting me, we will never get to the point, Hayley. The said car, well, the driver lost control, and, um.. It crashed into her.” I gasped softly in despair as dad went on, “And now she’s in the hospital in delecate condition and if you want we can go see her. But seeing as you are as upset about this as much as I am, I’ll go get my shoes on.” Dad pushed himself off the couch and got up. 


That's it for today, I'll keep writing and hopefully post some over the next week! Please comment ideas and feedback as usual and share the story! Thanks! 

-Jill <3 xx

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