My wierd dream

This is a really short dream I had a long time ago


1. Hello

I was in a flower field with a white flowy dress on and I was sitting there waiting for somthing and this random guy appered and he said "tell him you love him before its to late." so I got up and walked through the meadow and I jumped off a cliff and my dress tore up into peices and under my dress was writing that said like Lights will guide you home and The worst things in life come free to us. It was all lyrics from songs, and when I fell, i fell into a ocean and I was breathing and when I got out of the water, everything was white and all I saw was white then I woke up. Sorry if I spelled anything wrong I wrote this in like five minutes. If you think you knew what my dream ment plz comment!! That dream just is wierd and creapy. Bye!xx 

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