Friends or Soulmates??

Jackie goes to England over the summer because her parents need some time alone. She stays in the five star hotel and runs into 5 boys. As she starts hanging out with them more they find out shocking news and she starts to realize that she has loved one the whole time, but she doesn't want to ruin these deep friendships she has with the boys. When something tragic happens forcing her to show her true feelings.


1. England

"I'll miss you mom. Dad. I won't have anyone to clean my messes so I'll have some troubles." I joke, we were all flying out of this airport but instead of going together my parents are using one of the private jets to go down to our villa in Honolulu and I was using the other to go up to England. My dad was the owner of the top car dealership. Michael James was his name. They fixed cars to brand new and sold the best of the best. Mom was a super model and a part time singer.

"I'll miss you too honey. I love you. Don't forget to call whenever you can." Mom says hugging me tight.

"Bye Daddy. I'll miss you, you guys have fun!" I say hugging them both then getting on my private jet. My parents only used the jet they were flying in. So I decorated the inside to my liking dad didn't protest since he bought it for me.

"Miss Jackie where are we heading?" The pilot asks.

"I am pretty sure you know but if you want to make some pit stops it is fine with me." I answer, Joey was my pilot/chauffer/anything else I needed. Joey had a license for everything and anything that you could drive.

"You are correct, and just two but I was hoping that you wouldn't mind." Joey answered.

"Of course I wouldn't mind." I answer smiling.

"Okay we are going to stop at Dublin to rifill on gas and for me to pick up somethings that I have been meaning to. Then I have to stop in Liverpool. After those we are going to London, England!" Joey says excitedly.

We land in the London airport about 10 hours after taking off, and Joey helps me into the limo. At least I would still have somebody I know. We arrive infront of my new flat for the summer. There is a group of teenage girls around 13 of course way younger than me! I am 18 and way more mature than that group of girls. When the limo pulls up they get excited and then Joey gets out and gets my bags, they get the confused expression on their faces.

I climb out and they totally deflait. Obviously I am not who they want to see and I don't blame them. I am not that exciting, then one girl reconizes me and that gets them screaming again. Joey pushes through the girls and I follow. I have sung a couple songs with other bands and I have had a few shoots but nothing to make me important. Joey checks me in and I head up to the 4th floor. He drops the bags on the ground,

"I need to go fill the cars up with gas and check into my room, do you need anything?" Joey was like another father for me. I shook my head, he smiled gave me a hug then left. I started unpacking once that was finished I headed out not liking just sitting there. There were a few more girls outside. It was hard getting through them but I finally did and started walking towards the first shop.

"Hello are you looking for anything special?"

"Umm no just browsing." She nodded and turned back to what she was doing. I walked through the racks, I grabbed abunch of clothes that I liked. I checked out and handed over my card, grabbed the 3 bags and left.  I then went to the shoe store, I got gray vans, 5 pairs of different flip flops, black high heeled boots, some toms, and white high tops. I bought them and then headed back to the hotel.


"What? all I did was switch out the orange juice with orange koolaide with milk. I thought it was brilliant!" I couldn't help but laugh, which got the group of 6 guys to look at me.

"Sorry, I couldn't help it, whoever Louis is it was a brilliant swap out." with that I headed to the elevators. I heard pounding feet behind me and then the boys are standing beside me.

"I'm Louis!" I laugh at his enthusiasm

"Hi, I am Jackie." I look at the curly haired boy with the vibrant green eyes.

"I am Harry."

"I am Zayn," the boy with alot of tattoos says. We climbed onto the elevator, I pushed the button for the fourth floor.

"Why arn't you wearing a shirt?" I blurt. My cheeks burn, I didn't mean to ask that. It made the boys chuckle and the blondie to have a laugh attack.

"We had to come down to talk to Paul, I was planning on going bck to bed so one less thing to take off." If I could I think my face got redder. I looked over at the two boys that havn't introduced themselves. They were whispering to each other.

"The blonde is Niall and Liam is his best mate." Louis fake whispered to me. I couldn't take my eyes off of Liam and when he looked up and our eyes locked something sparked, I turned away quick and Harry grabbed some of my bags.

"A girl as beautiful as you shouldn't have to carry all these bags." I blushed again. We walked off the elevator, all the boys followed me. I dug in my purse for my room key. I got it out and unlocked the door.

"I'll take my bags now." I reached out to take them but the boys held them away from me.

"You arn't getting away that easily," Louis ran into my room and Harry followed. I laughed and headed to the kitchen I set out some pop, chips, pretzels, cheese puffs and m&m's. Niall walked in and grabed a whole bowl.

"I am sorry about earlier. Liam was giving me some advice about a girl that I am seeing." I smiled.

"It's ok. Who is this lucky girl?"

"She won't be so lucky the next time I talk to her." He grimiced.

"What do you mean?"

"I need to break up with her. She puts all my secrets on the internet, I thought she loved me."

"Aww, Niall I am sorry. So what did you need Liam's help with?"

"I asked him how I should break up with her... He said a text was the easiest."

"NO! You have to do it in person or or something but not a text and not over the phone."

"Ok but how should I do it in person?"

"Umm you could buy her chocolate and be like, I really like you but  you share my private llife with everyone. I think it would be better if we became just friends. Or something like that."

"That is a really good idea! I wanted to keep her close. She is really fun."

"Then she would be perfect as a partying friend." Niall wrapped me in a hug.

"THANK YOU!" He squeezed harder.

"UH... Niall you are crushing me." I gasped.

"Oh sorry..." He ran into the other room, "HEY GUYS JACKIE FIXED MY PROBLEM WITH MYIA!!" the boys cheered. I brought them the snacks and pop and then we sat down for a movie. When it was finished I looked at the boys. They were all passed out on my couch and floor. Niall and Liam where streched out head to toes on the couch, Louis was curled up into a ball on the comfy chair  Harry and Zayn were using eachother as pillows I laughed and took a picture of Niam, Zarry and Louis, made a collage and then posted it on Instagram. I headed to my room and got into my sportsbra and shorts, crawled into bed and started dozing off until I felt my bed dip. The boys had moved into my bed. and passed out. I couldn't help it and took another picture of all of us croweded onto my queen bed.

"Night boys." I got grumbles back and fell asleep.

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