Vinyl ||M.C||

a story about a girl and boy who both share a love of music and a certain record store

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I ran my hand through my hair and continued to flick through the what seems like endless amount off vinyls, too engulfed in the various artists and genres of music to take any notice of the bell ringing, notifying somebody had entered the store. Even if I had noticed, I would have ignored them anyway so it didn't bother me.

What did catch my attention, was when I head a guitar being strummed. I had particular interest in guitars and any type of instruments. I took my hands away from the vinyls and rubbed my hands on my jeans before sneaking over to peek into the next room, where all the instruments were set up. Sat down on a chair was a boy with fluorescent red hair.

I thought I would get away with not being noticed, that he wouldn't see me because it was just a peek. But apparently he did because he looked up and said ''you know i saw you, right''.

I felt my cheeks heat up and I came out from behind the wall and shook my head at him. No words would come out, almost captivated by his presence. He frowned at me and turned his head to the side, almost as if he was trying to work me out. I shifted uncomfortably and he shook his head as if he had just dosed off in the middle of a high school class.

"you don't recognize me, do you?" he removed the guitar from his lap and leaned it up against the wall beside him. It almost slipped and fell so he spent a couple of seconds setting it up properly.

"should I?" I responded and he scrunched up his nose and stood up straight. He twisted his head and cracked his neck before turning to me as if waiting for me to respond to which most people found horrible. So I did the exact same thing back to him, out of habit mostly. But when I looked back to him he had a small smirk on his face.

"I'm Michael Clifford" he said to me, and with his right hand held it out for me to shake.

"Hi" I accepted his handshake and then shook my head as I realized I had not told him mine, "I'm Tea" I smiled up at him.

"Tea?" he retorted, raising an eyebrow, to which I frowned at. Was he mocking my name? "Oh sorry, I didnt mean to offend you. Its just really original, for a person you know?" he pulled his hand away from mine and covered his eyes "ugh i'm such a shitty person sorry" he apologized. 

"Oh no, its okay. I suppose I should have judged just how normal the name 'Michael' is, thats all i'm annoyed at" I retorted, in a jokingly fashion.

"Hey! That's not very nice" he said, hitting my shoulder playfully.

"So, Michael Clifford. Would you like to tell me why I should recognize you?"




Woooo first chapter! I hope you like it, I mean... I like it so? 

Thanks for reading, vote for me and ill love you to the moon and back always :*


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