Thankful for You

For the Thanksgiving Comp


1. Thankful for You


As a girl having struggled through a lot in my life, I have loads to be thankful for. Like usual, I’m thankful for my family and all of the little things they do for me, but this year, I’m mostly thankful for my friends who have helped me through the worst period of my life. Yes, my family has been there, but not at the level of understanding that my friends have.

I’m thankful for my friends Nate, Ana, Ash, Mandy, and Czy who I consider to be family. I’m thankful for Nate being in my life because he has always been there for me when I needed him. Although we didn’t have such a great start, we’ve become such close friends since then. He was there through the taunting and he made it stop. He was there whenever I got depressed and he made me feel better. He can be overprotective sometimes and he might think that I get annoyed, but in reality, I appreciate it. I never had anyone care enough to do that. That’s why I’m thankful for getting to know him.

Then there’s Ana and Czy who have been friends since grade school. I’m thankful for them because they accepted me for who I was even though I was a stranger to them. They took me under their wing when I first moved across the country and we’ve shared so much. There are the inside jokes, the constant talking on the phone, talking about our latest crushes, but apart from the good, there was the bad. There was the crying, the holding back and the letting go. But through all of this, it really did make us closer.

How could I almost forget Mandy and Ash? I’ve known both of them since middle school. I met Ash in the sixth grade and I can honestly say that we hated each other. Somehow, we got over it in the seventh grade and became best buds. We went to baseball games and she taught me a few things about color guard. I made her eat Mexican food and we both cried when we saw “The Notebook”. We were good friends. Then in the eighth grade, we adopted Mandy into our little group of two. Our duo became the Three Musketeers. We did all the fun stuff together. We went to baseball games, we went ice skating, walked around in the mall, etc. But that wasn’t all. We went through our first heartbreaks and Mandy and I went through bullying. Our trio got closer as time passed and we’re still very close now. We might not be living in the same state anymore, but we still have each other. Like Demi says, “My love's like a star/ You can't always see me/ But you know that I'm always there/ When you see one shining/ Take it as mine and remember I'm always near.” This is why I’m thankful for them. Without them all, things would’ve been worse for me.

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