Perfect Stranger

Harmony Ferrara was the average 18-year old mother. Her boyfriend left as soon as he heard the news, just like you see on those dreaded television shows. But what was different about her story? Well, she runs into the perfect stranger. But when her daughters health take a turns for the worst will this stranger provide the support that she needs to get through it all? Read on to find out.


1. Average day,


Chapter 1




"Time to wake up Tomato head." I greeted her, softly rubbing her belly. She didn't budge, at all. "Come on Alice, you have to get to daycare or Mrs. Dixon won't give you cookies." I whispered into her ear. Her eyelids unveiled her electric blue orbs and she sat up quickly searching the room until she saw me.


"Cookies." She said on high-alert. I chuckled and threw her over my shoulder. "Mummy do I get to wear my new dress today?" She asked as I sat her down in front of her pink vanity.


"Sure, but it's snowing so you need your puffy jacket today." I smiled at her. Her eyes lit up even more then they already were. She got her blue eyes from me. But what I hated was that I had her with the worst person. He left us as soon as I told him I was 5 months pregnant with her. I was just another stupid teenager who was 'in love' and didn't use protection, but I was happy I had Alice. She fulfilled me more then anyone on this planet could.


"Let's curl it today, I feel sassy." She said with a dead serious expression. I laughed at how grown she sounded for a 3 year old. "Whatever silly." I said spinning her chair and parting his red locks.

She got her red hair from me as well, along with her sassy attitude. People always tell me she's the spitting image of me, but truthfully I didn't see it. She seemed more like her father, whom she has never met before. Whenever she sees her friends with their two parents she always asks me, 'Where's daddy?' and I have to reply with a painful, 'I don't know.' It kills me inside and out that she has to go through this but it was because of my idiotic mistakes that this all happened anyway.


"All done." I said fluffing it up in the mirror. I got up to go through her many dresses located in her small closet.


"Mummy when are you going to get me one directions new CD, Take Me Home?" She said making her eyes glossier then usual. I chuckled and lightly tossed her dress to her.


"How about we get it over with today?" I said taking off her onesie. "Oh great googly moogly, really!" She screamed clapping her hands together. I giggled and slipped her baby blue dress on that had lilac elephants scattered across it. I zipped up her puffy white jacket and let her put on her small black uggs.


I threw my hair up in a loose bun on top of my head and put on my grey sweat shirt. I decided to leave my pajama pants on since the daycare is only down the street. I slipped on my beige moccasins and heaved a sigh. Despite the fact it was snowing like mad, Alice and I loved to walk everywhere. She loved the scenery and I simply loved the feeling of being in London. My hometown. Where I grew up since I could color inside the lines.


"COME ON MUMMY!" She jerked me out of my thoughts. She had her hand on her hip and that little death glare slathered all over her pale face, man she watches to much television. I rolled my eyes and chased her out of our small apartment. We never ate breakfast at home because the daycare always fed her once she arrived. And they absolutely adored her, Mrs. Dixon was like my second mother. She was also like a grandmother to Alice because both my parents died in a car accident a year after she was born. So technically me and her uncle Oliver were the only biological family she had left.


We waltzed down the street to the place we called our second home, pointing out stuff like what color this car was and how many people were walking down the same lane. In record time we were trudging up the snow covered steps towards the familiar entrance. I let her walk on her own for her own excersise and because she loved to be independent. She jumped to try and open the door but I beat her to it.


"Look who decided to attend!" Mrs. Dixon exclaimed her eyes smiling at Alice from behind her glasses. Alice courtseyed and waved to everyone that was in the lobby causing me to laugh. I shook my head and did the crazy sign at Mrs. Dixon who returned the playful gesture. Alice must've saw because she giggled at us. I checked her in and did the usual goodbye.


I bent down to her level and did our handshake. We slapped the palms of our hands together, then tapped the back and locked thumbs. "Seeyah later, tomato." I whispered staring into her eyes, she did the same and replied, "See  you soon potato." I smiled at her and released my grip letting her venture into the back where as she said 'the magic happens'.


"How have you been sweetheart." Mrs. Dixon questioned not removing her brown orbs from the computer screen in front of her.


"Hanging in there." I sighed leaning my elbows on the counter.


"Did you find me a son in law, yet?" She said winking at me. I scoffed playfully at her, "Reberta the last thing I need right now is a boyfriend."


"The first thing you need is one! C'mon just go have some fun." She egged me on. I rolled my eyes and stood up, cracking my back.

"Can I get 5 dollars I need to pay for this One Direction CD, Alice absolutely admires them." I asked pleading with my eyes.


"Sure you know where to go."


I loved her to much to even explain in words, minus the fact that she wants me to get married tomorrow. The last thing on my mind is a guy and the first is Alice. I mean it wouldn't be bad to have some extra support but to me I don't think any guy wants a girl with a 3 year old sass mouth. They want a sweet, beautiful non-mothering women. And I was none of the above. I was just Harmony Ferrara the average 18-year old mother.


But little did I know that was all about to change...

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