A Wizard, A Dancer, A Pager, A Vampire

What will happen to the Pretty Little Liars? Aria is a pager at this strange library where the Grimm magic is real. Spencer found out her parents had hidden her Hogwarts letter and she goes off to a place where she truly feels like she belongs. Hanna moved to Paris and started dancing and singing at the Opera Populaire, where a phantom haunts it and is determined to keep Hanna under lock and key. As for Emily she got bitten and turned into a vampire, now she currently resides with Bella, Edward, and the rest of the gang. Can the Liars make it through their crazy new lives or do they still need each other? read to find out:)

Authors note: For Aria I picked The Grimm Legacy, for Spencer I think it is obvious it is Harry Potter. For Hanna I picked The Phantom of the Opera. And last but not least I picked Twilight for Emily :)


1. Something different Aria's pov

I woke up to my alarm clock ringing in my ears. I stretched out my tired arms and pushed off. I forced myself up and yawned. I really didn't want to get up but I had to because I have to go to my job at the New York Circulating Material Repository. Things have changed and let me tell you, I like it here so much better. No more A and no more drama. I smiled to myself and got up. I looked into my closet and sighed. My mom, Ella, thought it would be a good idea to restart here. Which means getting rid of more than half of my stuff. I shuffled through my clothes (what is left of them anyway) and finally decided on a cute black laced top and a short skirt. Just to complete it, I put on gold hoops. I walked into my bathroom and tried to brush through my impossible bed head hair. Finally I managed to pull my hair back into a bun. I pulled out my makeup bag and started doing my eyes. I thought I would change it up today and do more of a natural look. I smiled at myself and I knew right then and there It was going to be a good day. I shuffled downstairs, put toast in the toaster, then I buttered it. I ate my toast in the car because I was running late. (Sorry I'm a girl, sue me for trying to do my hair nicely.) When I pulled up to the library I saw Aaron and Elizabeth holding hands and walking in together. Aaron wasn't his normal self. Was that a frown? I hope he is okay. I frowned to myself. Man, do I miss Ezra. Since my mom move to New York, I can't see him as much as I did. I got out of my car and started walking to my shift. Today was my day down in the Grimm Collection. I loved it down there. I was walking down to the room when I had a weird sensation that someone was watching me.This feeling was oh so familiar to me that out of instinct I quicken my paced till I reached the room. I sang the song to get in really quick and shut the door behind me. I turned around and saw Aaron looking at me. I sighed a sigh of relief and started taking off my jacket.

"Hey Aria." 

"Hi Aaron. Anything yet?"

"No, I'm just reading."

"Awesome! Anything about Elizabeth's sense of direction yet?"

"No, not yet."

Elizabeth lost her sense of direction last February. When you want to trade a item from the Grimm collection then you have to give up something, like sense of direction or first born child.  Elizabeth had a fake comb and they haven't found the real one so she can't get it back. I feel bad for her.

"So Aria, you have worked here for five months now, but you never talk about yourself. Tell me who is Aria Montgomery?"

I panicked a little. I hate telling people about A and Alison. I didn't have to mention her did I? Nah, I played it safe.

"Well I have a brother, and my parents are divorced. I moved here with my mom. I have a boyfriend but I never see him. I had to leave my four best friends behind but we never talk anymore."

"Oh I am sorry."

I just shrugged.


A request came in. I ran to get it.  It was a a request for the twelve dancing princesses slippers. My favorite.

"I'll get this one, you can get the next one."

I walked over to the shoes and got the right call slip number. When I was about to go back I saw a little white piece of paper sticking from the top of the shoe.

Curiosity took a hold of me.  I grabbed it and read it. It said:

Hello Aria,

 I have directions for you and if you don't follow them exactly then your boyfriend and your brother pays the price. I will send you a new direction everyday. Good luck!

I yelped then I covered my mouth before Aaron could hear me. This can't be A can it? It wouldn't follow me here would it? 


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