Dearly Beloved

When Ashly and Hannah move to England little did Ashly know she would fall in love with One Directions own Louis Tomlinson. Choices will be made some good some bad. What will happen when they both have to make the biggest decision of there life.


2. Lunch and a Surprise


Ashly P.O.V 


Hannah and I were driving around town for a bit before we finally went to Olive Garden. "Can we please go get some food now? I'm starving" said Hannah. This girl was hungry all the time. I swear she ate every hour on the hour and didn't gain any weight. "I swear girl how do not gain any weight when you eat constantly?" "I have no clue chica. Yah know I really want to try spaghetti tacos. Ever since I heard that on iCarly I have really wanted to try it." "Exactly. Like does it taste more like tacos or more like spaghetti. Tonight were having spaghetti tacos cuz you have me craving that now!" "Your welcome love."

Finally after that really confusing conversation we finally reached Olive Garden. We walked inside and straight away we were sat at a table. Which is really weird cuz that never happens. "I'm gonna go wash my hands real quick before we eat." With that Hannah walked out and I was all alone probably for like 10 minutes because she always takes for ever that's the truth.

Hannah's P.O.V  


I had to pee so bad so I like ran to the bathroom and flung the door open. Poor old lady was standing right behind the door and I almost hit her. I felt so bad "Are you ok?!?" "Don't touch me!" She said whacking me with her purse. I guess I kinda deserved that though. I feel like such a bad person.

*riinngg riinngg* picking up my phone I looks at the caller I.D and it was from the London arts and drama college. My heart started beating so fast, I have been waiting for this call for ALONG time. "Hello is this Paige Williams of Wisconsin?" "Why yes it is. How can I help you today?" "On behalf of the headmaster we have some great news for you, you have been accepted. The headmaster loved your application so much you are being given a free scholarship and two first class tickets to London. Can't wait for arrival." "Thank you so so so much! Have a good day!"

I swear I would be screaming my head off if I wasn't here right now. This totally made my entire day and nothing is going to ruin this day. Ever since I was a little girl I've been wanting to go there.

Ashly's P.O.V 


"Wow look who broke the potty record!" "The only reason I was in there SOOO long was because I got a call from..." "From who?!?!? Spit it out!" "I got a call from the London school of arts and drama." "That's awesome bubz!" "And...I get a free scholarship and two tickets to London. Which means your coming with!" "YES!! This is amazing Hannah! I'm so proud of you!"

The rest of lunch went pretty well. We both finished our lunch and headed home. Finally night came around and the tickets were in the mail first thing in the morning. We leave in a few weeks. Little did I know that this was the start of the rest of my life.


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