Kiss You

Danielle has been looking for true love all her life, but she's had no such luck. until he came. Harry Styles, the flirty exchange student from the UK has come to Danielle's school to study the arts. She has been assigned as his welcome buddy and they immedietly become completely and utterly annoyed with eachother. Harry thinks she is self centered and that he will never have feelings for her, and Danielle thinks that he is a flirt and doesn't give a care about anyone but himself. that is, until they go to arts class. there they are assigned to write a song and make a music video together for a project. They learn to be friends and maybe even more, as Harry learns Danielle's talent for dance and music, and she learns of his special voice. will they learn to love eachother? or stay in the friend zone forever?


8. nobody likes a cheater

I gasped. It was Liam

"What are you doing here Liam?!" i yelled at him. he disapeered again and walked over to the door and then he walked into the booth, locking the door behind him. uh oh. "Liam, i'm gonna ask you this one last time before i leave. what are you doing here? and also what are you doing?" i asked as he took his shirt off. oh no. that can't lead to anything appropriate. "i'm here for you. I love you Dani" he said as he moved right in front of me. i was still sitting but kept my ground. "can you tell me why you just took your shirt off please?" i ask him getting annoyed. he looked down at me and just smiled, pulling the other seat over to that he's sitting just a foot away from me. "I miss you a lot Dani. i came back because i want you back" i just sat, staring at him with a blank expression on my face. was he serious? after all he did to me he really thought it was gonna be that easy? and even if it would have been, i have Harry now. and no body likes a cheater. i felt his breath on my neck as he moved closer. he kissed my neck. "What are you doing Liam?" i asked as i turned my chair so i was facing him. next thing i know he's pushing me up against the wall and kissing me roughly on the lips. "Liam" i whimpered as he went to my neck. "Liam. stop!" i said again pushing him off of me. "What the hell was that?!" i exclaimed. he had a sheepish look on his face. "Liam, either you answer me now or i swear i'm going to walk out that door and i will never speak to you ever again. Liam's face was finally brought up to mine. he looked at me straight in the eyes and said "I love you Dani. i always have, and i probably always will. you're beautiful and clever and you're an amazing singer and dancer,  you're smart, you're cunning, and you are just amazing. I came here today because i want you back. i want to be with you Dani. you deserve me. Harry is just playing you. he doesn't care about you. he just want's you for his own needs. he doesnt care what you want." "Harry loves me. and he has my trust, something you will never have ever again." i spat at him. he looked really hurt and i actually felt bad. "i'm sorry." i said. i could not believe i just said that. "me too" he told me. he stepped closer again and this time i didn't back away. no, this time i did a stupid thing. i stepped even closer to him, put my arm around his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. i could hear him moan as i dug my fingers into his hair and he moved his hands around my waist. i lifted me up onto the counter where the mics rested and started unbuttoning my shirt from the front. since his was already off i ran my hands down his abs making him groan. "i have wanted you ever since i saw you two months ago" he said inbetween kisses. "oh me too" i found myself saying back. wait what? i guess its true i did. after about three minutes of just making out, i finally got a hold of my mind. i pushed Liam away and scrambled to put my shirt back on. "I have to go" i mumbled as i walked out the door. i felt Liam grab my hand and pull me back. "You can't leave" he said harshly. "I have to go Liam. i need to meet Harry. it is our anneversary" i told him, trying to break free from his grip. he looked hurt, but finally let go. i ran up the stairs and outside the house. the only thing i really wanted to know now was how did Liam get Harry's phone to be able to text me to come here? Then it hit me. Harry and Liam were both British. They both acted like they knew one another. then it really hit me. they did know eachother. this was their friends old house as Liam told me, the same place that Harry wanted to meet me. not only did they know eachother.

They were good friends.

I started crying. i'm screwed. how did i get myself into this mess? I loved Harry and he loved me, but if Harry knew about Liam and I, he would most likely break up with me. And Liam could tell Harry, and then i would have no excuse for not taking him back. crap. crap crap crap CRAP! how do you do this Danielle?! it's always you that manages to get yourself into crazy situations like this. God. i needed to talk to Rhi. i pulled out my phone. this was going to be an eventful conversation.

Rhi: Hello?
me: Hi Rhi? it's me

Rhi: Dani? where have yo been?! Harry said he couldn't get a hold of you and he's worried sick! you really need to talk to him!call him right now.

Me: ok, but Rhi i need to own up to something first. i did somethign horrible.

Rhi: what could be more horrible then forgetting about your boyfriend on your anneversary?

Me:i can think of at least one thing
Rhi: wait...what happened

Me: Rhi...he tricked me. i thought he was Harry, and he locked me in a house and then he forced me to kiss him, and i enjoyed it. he wants me back, and i think i might want him too.

there was a pause on the other line and then Rhi saying "I'll be right back" to someone else. i then heard a door close and Rhiana's voice again.

Rhi: Did Liam do anything else to you or was it just a kiss?

Me: well, we made out. for like 5 minutes

Rhi: jesus christ Dani! how could youi cheat on Harry? and of all people with, LIAM!

Me: i dont know what happened! i wasn't thinking. i need you're help. what do i do now?

i was about to say something else when i heard someone clearing their throat behind me. i turned around to see Harry standing there, a boquet of flowers in his hand, and a distrtessed and angry look on his face. that was all it took.i knew he had heard the entire conversation. Harry just looked at me and shook his head lightly before dropping the flowers and walking back to his car. Crap. what now? as i saw Harry drive off i felt two strong arms around my waist. "Good. i thought he'd never leave" Liam said. i turned to face him and said "You discust me." before i slapped him across the face and stormed off to my car. there i got in and drove all the way across town to my favorite park where i collapsed on the swings and cried. i cried and only thought of one thing.

"What Have I Done?"

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