Nobody Compares-A Niall Horan Fanfic

19 year old Melody Lees is a very popular singer who's music is very deep and special has her life completely twisted when she meets British-Irish boyband One Direction and falls head over heels for a certain Irish teenager...


1. This Is Me.

Hi, I'm Melody Kate Lees and I'm 19 years old. I have long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Oh, and I'm a famous singer. I have 2 albums, one called This Is Me and the other called Victorious. I'm releasing a third album soon called Complicated. I record mostly acoustic songs that have hidden meanings that my fans can figure out. I've been famous for 3 years now and I've loved every minute of it. Not because I want money and fame but because I want to broadcast my message to as many people as possible.

Also, no one knows this but I'm a massive Directioner. I'm in love with them...JOKE I hate them, not to sound harsh but I don't really think they're that good but I've only ever heard What Makes You Beautiful which is quite cheesy so I might give them a try someday soon just to see if they are actually talented.

I'm having a massive party to celebrate my third album and my management has arranged for them to come so ill have to listen to their new album Take Me Home so I have something to talk about with them. Right, lets have a quick listen before I get ready. Live while we're young. Catchy..I like it.. Little things is so sweet!! I can't imagine what rock me is about..haha! Okay I've changed my mind, One Direction are actually really good! I can't wait to meet them!

Now I just need to get ready for the party tonight!
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