Torn Through the Middle

"Stay away from her. She's my sister, I love her. Just, stay away from her." He walked out, and slammed the door. I ran my fingers through my hair. I thought about Jaine for a while. She was torn through the middle.


1. The Wedding (3 years ago)

I waited in the church for the wedding to start. People clustered around, talking. My dad took away my phone, so I had nothing to do. A boy with beautiful brown eyes and perfect tan skin in a Tux sat next to me.

" Hi, I'm Zayn, You must be Jaine." He held out  a hand, and I shook it. " Who.. Are, you exactly?" He laughed softly. " I'm your new stepbrother." I looked a little stupid. Why... " So Patricia's your mum?" I asked. " Yeah, and Zack's your dad?" he replied. " I guess so."

He was so cute, but I can't date him. Why, dad...

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