Beware Of Me

{My pack is in danger and the will of survival is hard to maintain. Yet surrender is not an option}
The Canadian wilderness is full of more than a human mind could imagine! Five packs live in parts of these woods. Survival is the goal, the obstacles? Themselves. Betrayal, Victory, Failure, Courage, and Fear. Only the strong will survive, only the loyal will be rewarded, and only the wise will prevail! Grass will be stained red and eyes will show rage. Loyalty is a challenge.
Beware Of Me.


1. Chapter 1: Foolishness

Rumbling of vocal cords alerting the ears of a hunting party. Return of snapping, "Fool!" A she-wolf with a slim face, long fangs, and hints of gray, brown, and black on her original white coat roared. An arrow had sent a snarl of awareness to a doe too early, that one mistake cost the party their game. The quarry lifted up its head and bolted away in alarm, the wolves were to far to catch it. Yet through desperation they were off. The fae was leading them as they streaked past trees, rocks, and other forest features. There was union in growling and snapping of jaws as they raced after the distant prey. The wolves needed its meat, they were skin and bones. Broken Shadows, the pack that lived in the southern part of the Canadian wilderness, were struggling for food. It wasn't always like this, but it was now. The doe was loosing its speed and began to slow, even though Broken Shadow wolves were known for amazing stamina, they too were beat. The fae slowed and stopped, panting heavily. All of the party was stopped now, the game was out of sight. The she-wolf, whom was named Secrecy, turned to the arrow and snarled furiously. "You let your rumbling get the best of you! That cost the pack a meal!" Secrecy was only inches away from the young male's face. He whimpered and lowered himself to look small, his tail was slunk in between his skinny legs. Another wolf that was part of the party joined in the conversation, "He will be sentenced, Secrecy. Calm yourself." It was a wise male named Lake. Secrecy turned to him with anger flickering like fire in her eyes, but she let her growling lower until it was only a faint shaking of her lips and softened her stare. "Very well, Lake." She barked, turning back to the arrow, Maliki, she gave one last growl before trotting towards the east. She broke out into a run leading the territory back to their home. Through running all of her senses were acting, she could hear the sound of a squirrel scurrying on tree branches, she could smell the faint traces of a fox, and could see a butterfly perched on a leaf. Stamina was at full and so was speed, they arrived to an area were the ground was beaten down with paw prints, surrounded by fallen logs, and a stream not too far. This was the camp of Broken Shadows, a place where many wolves called home. There were many lupos crowding the camp, carrying pups, bones, or speaking with another threw barks and snarls. Secrecy leaped up onto a log that was slanted due to the tip leaning on a still standing tree. She looked around the area in search of someone, she barked at a large female that was also lean and looked similar to Secrecy. This was her mother, Frost. Frost nodded for Secrecy to approach her, Secrecy slithered off of the bark coated wood cane and prowled to her mother. Not only was Frost the mother of Secrecy and her brother whom was an omega, but Frost and her family disowned him due to his rank, she was the alphess of Broken Shadows. Secrecy's father, Lucious, who was out leading a patrol, was the alpha. "Did you find food for our family, Secrecy?" Frost asked a small hint of eagerness in her voice. "No, mother," Secrecy looked back up at Frost and gave a small growl, "The arrow ruined our hunt." It was a law in this pack that if an arrow, rank of lower hunter, was to be the cause of a failed hunt they would be sentenced. Frost growled, "State his name," "Maliki." Frost nodded and prowled past her daughter towards the jet black arrow. Secrecy could not here her words, but knew what she was saying. Frost signaled for Lake and another male to join her. Frost's body was faintly vibrating, probably due to ferocious snarls. She leaped at the arrow, biting his back. Lake and the other male who Secrecy knew by Todd joined her. They were not to kill the arrow, that was a punishment for other crimes, but to damage him enough so he could not hunt for a long period of time. Secrecy watched with satisfaction, she caught the sight of an older wolf looking at Maliki with sympathy and grief. Secrecy could tell by the scent it had that was the same as the arrow's it was one of his parents. Secrecy hopped the elder was ashamed to be its father, she knew she would. Every wolf was embarrassed to be sentenced or to know one that was sentenced, like Frost, Secrecy, and Luciuis were when Damen became an omega.
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