Chasing Dreams -Niall and Harry fanfiction

Caroline Richards. She is rich, gorgeous, but also, she's very sweet. The opposite of what you'd expect from a girl that lives in a mansion with just two other people, right? She's 19 years old, by the way. Anyways, Caroline starts getting bored of the slow life in America, so she decides to move to London, the place she'd always dreamed of living in. She was a big time model, and had the money, so she set off to chase her dreams. Little does she know, that one day in London, would change her life.


1. The big Move!



"Caroline Anne Richards! Get your lazy butt out of bed! Your flight is today!!!!!!" Great. The most amazing wake up ever. Anyways, Caroline, ew! I hate it when people use my full name! I guess my mom is the only exception though, right? Please though, call me Cara. Haha, well, time for the big flight! I've been waiting for this my whole life! I've always wanted to be a big time singer, but, a model in London? Who could pass that up?! "Caroline!!!" Oh great, I forgot she was still there. "Morning mom!" I yawned and stretched my arms up. "I swear, I don't know how you're even going to wake up in the morning without me!" I rolled my eyes. "Well, I'm going to take a shower, then we can set off!" I waltzed to the bathroom, I had this feeling that today was going to be amazing! After I showered, I grabbed the outfit that I had picked out last night. The movers had already gotten all of my stuff sent to London, and all of my furniture was already at the new place. All right, deep breath, I'm so excited!! I can't believe I'm actually moving! Here goes nothing!


"Ready Cara? I don't want you to miss your flight!" Jeez, this lady is crazy, my flight wasn't until 12:00, and it was only 9:00! Oh well, I'll just be there early!

"Yes mom! I'll drive! I'm so excited!" I really was, I felt like things were going to be amazing there!

We got to the airport in one hour flat! Mom brought me all the way to my gate, so she could wait with me before the flight. I felt so bad leaving her. At least she would have my sister Jewels with her though. Dad was always gone on business trips, so it was usually just us three in the mansion. *Ding!! Gate A13 now boarding* Said a voice on the intercom, bringing out of my deep thoughts. Well, this is it. I looked over to mom, she had tears flowing down her face, and soon, I started crying too. I was going to miss her so much.

"Goodbye mom, I love you with all my heart, I'll make sure to call every now and then!" She said the same, then I entered the plane. 


Mmhh, I was off in dream land when I felt someone shake my shoulder.

"Miss? The plane has landed. It's time for you to get off." Said a flight attendant.

I walked sleepily off the plane and saw a man with a sign that said my name, so I walk over to him.


"I presume that you are Ms. Richards?" said the man holding the sign. He had a deep accent, and I could tell he was tired, because he had deep bags under his eyes. I felt bad for him.

"Yup! That would be me!" I tried to sound as happy has possible to you know, lighten the mood a bit.

"Well, I will escort you to your new mansion, your new car is awaiting there too." He sad blandly.

"Alright! Let's goo!" I was so excited, I nearly fainted when I saw the beautiful landscape! We rolled past so many gorgeous mansions, and then stopped at the most extravagant one. "Wow, is this place really mine?" I asked the driver.

"Yes ma'am, now here's the key, just come to the office up the street if you have any questions." With that, he got in the car and drove away.


Okay, this is it. I walked up the long pathway, surrounded by a beautiful array of colorful flowers. I noticed the garage as I walked up the steps, and saw my blue porsche parked there. Yup, the same amazing porsche that I've had since I got my license, I smiled to myself. Then, I unlocked the door and went inside. Oh my gosh, this place absolutely took my breath away. It had high ceilings, and it was two stories. I ran up and down the hallways excitedly, taking note of all the rooms: 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, an indoor pool with a jacuzzi, a game room, a movie room, the kitchen, 3 different living rooms, and a massive backyard. Wow, just wow. Then suddenly a frown tugged at the corners of my mouth. I live in a mansion. Alone. Well, better get used to it I guess. I decided to go up to my huge master bedroom and freshen up, after all, it was only 3:00.

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