Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


8. Lunch, with a Liar

Rosie's Pov:

"Hey buddy, were all gonna have lunch with Liam ok. So go get dressed, please" I tell my little brother, who is playing with his legos.

"Can you help me?" He asks me.

"Your a big boy you can do it." I tell him, but he still has a frown on his face. "Buddy, is there something going on?" I ask him.

"Do you love Liam more then me?" He says with tears in his eyes.

"No no no! Buddy! Your my little brother, Liam is my, uh, bestfriend! I love Liam to death, but you are more important then any thing in my life." I tell him, now at his level.

"I love you Rosie!" He says.

"I love you too Bug." I say and give him a hug.

"Now do you still need me to help you get dressed?" I ask him.

"No thank you Rosie, I am a big boy, I can do it my self!" He says and I giggle. "Ok bug." I say and walk out of his room, and into mine.

What to wear?! It has to be cute, and fashionable. And it has to be warm! Ok.. Lets get started.

I pull out my black skinny jeans, and black boots. I wear skinney jeans all day everyday. It is my signature thing. Same with the black boots, that go above my ankles. Then, I look through my shirts. Lets see, there are tang tops, tee shirts, semi long shirts (go down to my elbows), and lastly long sleeve shirts. I automatically go for my long sleeve shirts. It is only 34 degree's out, so I am going to need a long sleeve shirt. Ok, I will choose red, to match the holiday season. Now that I have the main color, that leves me to pick out one out of four.

The first one is the red, with white stripes, it is a V-neck. It also hugs my body, just right.

The second one is the red, with tons of lines on it. Why do I even have this? Its hideous!

The third one is red, with dark red.

The fourth one is red. That has a boat neck, and it hangs off the shoulders a bit. This one, is loose,and baggy.

I choose option one. And I have to say, It fits me nice, and it suites, well me.

I decide to leve my hair down, and I put a little mascara, and blush on. Then I put a red braclet on. I look down at my nails. They have no nail pollish on, which is kind of unusual, for me. I look at the time, I still have 15-20 minutes left. Thats enough time to paint them.

I grab my bright red nail pollish, and a paper towel. I unscrew the cap of the nail pollish. I paint my left hand first, then I paint my right hand. I put hard coat on, then blow on them, to make sure there compleatly dry. When they were dry, I went down stairs to check on Bryan.

"Hey Bug, ready?" I aks him.

"Yep!" He says without taking his eyes off of the t.v.

I look at the clock, and see that we still have 5 minutes left. I turn the t.v off, and tell him to go get his shoes and jacket on. He just nods, and walks over to the halway closet. I grab my red jacket off the chair, and walk over to the door, since I already have my shoes on. 3 minutes late Bryan walks over to the door, with his shoes and jacket on. I grab my fone and wallet and keys off the counter, and we walk out the door, while locking it behind us.

As we are walking out the door, I notice some girl, who looks very preaty at Liams door. We continu walking down the drive way, when I see the door open, and they hug. The hug lasted for about 6 seconds, isnt that a little long to hug someone if you are just friends..? The next thing I see is the door close and the girl walk back to her car and drive away. She looks at me and flashes me a smile, and a glare. Ok whats her problem?!

We get to Liams door, and I knock.

"Dani, look I don't like you a-" "Oh thank god its you!" He says and pulls me into a hug.

"Uh, was that girl, Dani?" I ask him. He just nodds. "Oh ok.." I say. I'm not mad, at him, I do believe he dosnet like her anymore.. am I too forgiving?

"Arnt you mad?" He asks me.

"Na, I believe you.." I say.

"Thank you, you are the best girl-" He starts, but I cut him off. "Friend." I say, and he get a confused look, and then he almost looks as if he were going to cry! Aww.. he does like me. "f-friend?" He says. "Friend.." I say and motion to Bryan, and he just lauhghs, and lets out a sigh of relief.

"What about me?" Bryan asks him. "Your my best bud!!" Liam says and pickes Bry up, and throws him in the air, and then catches him. That reminds me of what my dad, used to do, to me when I was little. I miss that. I just laugh, and Liam looks at me with the same loving eyes that, I am IN love with.

-At Nando's For Lunch-

"This is my favorite place!" I say as we pull up to the restraunt. "Well you and Niall will get along VERY well." He tells me and laughts a bit.

We walk inside, and I hold Bryan's hand, while Liam holds my other one. Man, were not being very secrative about this relationship.. Maby he want's people to know about us..

We order, and sit. We wait for our food.

"So, Bryan what do you like to do?" Liam asks him.

"I bowl, and play with lego's and watch Jake and the Never Land Pirates!" Bryan says proudly.

" Thats cool!! I like to watch Toy Story, and play Donkey Kong!" Liam tells Bryan.

"Rosie loves Toy Story, and Donkey Kong!" Bryan says proudly. I just blush, and nodd.

"Rosie loves Donkey Kong?" He says, looking at me.

"Yep! I am in the top five world record chart.." I say.

"Hold cow Rosie, what else can you do that I don't know about?" He says.

"She can s-" Bryan starts, but I put my hand over his mouth. I glare at him a little bit, and he just nodds. Liam looks at me and then him. "What was he gonna say, thats so bad you don't want me to know about?" He asks me. "Nothing, just I don't want you to know ok, its not bad, I just don't like people to know about it.." I say and look down at my hands. Liam starts talking to Bryan again, and I let out a quiet sigh of relief, that he dropped the conversation at that.

The food came, and we ate.

I have to say it was a very good lunch! The food was great, and we all made conversation, so none of us were left out. The best part was, I got to spend the day with my two favorite people in the entire world!

When we got back, Liam came inside. "Thanks again Liam." I say. "No problem babe." He says. "Just answer me two questions. Why an't Bryan know about us? And what was he going to say earlier?" He asks, great thoes were litterly the only two things I didn't want to have to answer.

"Bryan stay down here, I have to show Liam something ok." I say to Bryan.

"Yes Rosie." He says. Man, he was such an amazing brother!

"Come on Liam." I say and walk up stairs, and into my bedroom. I grab mine, and Bryans beanbag chairs, and put them un the middle of the room so there facing eachother. I sit, and motio for him to sit on the other one.

"Ok. One, Bryan today asked me if I loved you more then him, he was crying because he thought I didn't love him any more. So infront of him, we are best friends, everyone else, were boyfriend girlfriend." I say.

"Rosie! Why didn't you tell me sooner, I would have never even started that sentance! He probably hates me now!" He says.

"No Liam, he loves you, and I can prove it. He has never shared his legos with anyone but me before, like he wont even let people tough them, unless there the people he loves. Then, he was sad when I said you didn't have to watch him anymore. I felt so bad, Liam, he loves you. And he probably would have bit you by now if he hated you..so ya your good!" I reassure him.

"Thank god! He is my bestie! I can't have him hate me!" He says.

"Oh geez! I thought we were besties, man whatever!" I say placing a hand over my heart, pretending to be heart broken.

"Haha, ok so, what was he gonna say back at the restraunt. Was it that you sing?" He asked me.

"Uh, no, uh, he ment sign! Like I do sign language!" I say. (lie)

"Let me see!" He says with a smirk on his face, he can see when I'm lying.

Thank god I do know some, thats what watching t.v does for you! Thank you t.v!!

"Ok, this: *insert motion* means you, this: *insert motion* means are, then this: *insert motion* means an, and this: *insert motion* idiot." I say with a smile, honestly thats all I know of sign language..hopefully he dosent wanna see anymore!

"So, *insert motions* all means you are an idiot. Hey! Wait, you signed that to me!" He says finally catching onto my litte trick.

I just giggle and nod, while putting a smirk on my face.

-Hours Later-

Liam fell for it, I appearantly can sign. Hehehe. I feal cleaver, if I do say so my slef! I do feal bad, I mean who wants to lie to their boyfriend. I mean relationships are based on trust and that crap!! Hopefully, one day, I will be brave enough to tell him, that I sing, and play the piano, and guitar.

Liam just left, the guys are about 20 minutes away, so he wants to go make sure every thing is perfect for there arrival, but from what I have herd, I bet, that place won't stay perfect for long..

Liam's Pov:

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie.. You lied to me.


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