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brooke, and hannah go to the concert of their lives and meet the lads, then brooke and hazza get together, but what happenes when brooke dissapears and hazza must find her...


3. twitter

Brooke's P.O.V

Me and Hannah just got home we put our bags in our rooms and went down to watch some t.v, "#findharry'smysteriegirl" was still trending i tryed tweeting to harry a few times saying, " harry, um its brooke also known as your mysterie girl aha from the concert" but he mustn't of seen them, because he didnt reply, i understand why he hasnt because he probably has millions of girls asking who is mystery girl was, well IT WAS ME! ah I put the photo of me and hannah of my profile picture so he could tell it was really me.

Harry's P.O.V

i was hoping brooke would see what was trending and tweet me instead i had all these other fake accounts with the name brooke saying "HARRY IM YOU MYSERY GIRL, COME AND MARRY ME,!" there was one girl who tweeted me who i thought was the real brooke she tweeted me a few times saying "" harry, um its brooke also known as your mysterie girl aha from the concert" i clicked on her name to see her profile picture is was the one from the concert, but i remember heaps if peoplehad the picture of brooke and hannah as their profile picture to fool me, im not that stupid.

I wont stop looking for brooke no matter how long it takes and i think niall was still hoping if i find brooke he will find hannah.

AUTHORS NOTE :so sorry this chapter is short, i am already having wriers block, arrg

comment idears on what can happen next and what you think so far.



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