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brooke, and hannah go to the concert of their lives and meet the lads, then brooke and hazza get together, but what happenes when brooke dissapears and hazza must find her...


1. concert time

Brooke's P.O.V

Tonight me and my bestfriend and room mate Hannah are going to the One direction Concert in Brisbane, it was a 6 hour drive and it was 8:30am and the concert was tonight at 7:30pm. I woke Hannah up because we had to leave. We went down stairs ate breakfast, then went back upstairs to pack. We were going to stay up there for the nigh then leave in the morning. We got packed, had a shower and left.

I was driving, i put the new 1D album 'take me home' on, rock me came on and we started laughing and singing along. Neither of us could sing for shit, thats why it was so funny.

~6 hours later

We arived at the hotel, there where One Direction fans outside we assumed that the fans where just staying in the hotel. A security guard stopped us as we tried to walk in, he said "sorry ladies no fans are aloud in the hotel," i replayed, "what why not we are staying here?" he looked at me to make sure i was telling the truth then he said, pushed some fans out the way and pushed us in the hotel. We were wondering why fans weren't aloud in but i pushed it to the back of my head. We walked up to the receptionist and Hannah said, "um, we booked under Hooper," The lady looked down at the computer and clicked a few things then garbed two keys, we said thanks and walked away.

We looked at the room number 113, we arrived on the floor we were and looked for our room, we walked in and put our bag down. We checked the time and it was already 6:00, we decided to get ready. I went into the bathroom first and had a shower.

I dryed my hair, turned my straightener on, and i grabbed my cloths. I put a short white top with, patterned jeans and my favorite brown boots. (OUTFIT:                  m0YCoCQ&zoom=1&biw=1440&bih=699&iact=rc&dur=0&sig=110467031593417814275   &page=1&tbnh=159&tbnw=159& )start=0&ndsp=23&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0,i:86&tx=104&ty=42 )

By now my straightener was heated up, i straightened my long blond hair with brown roots and tied it in to a tight pony tail, with a stream of hair wrapped around the head band. I then did my make-up, i put bright red lipstick and black mascara. I walked out i saw Hannah already ready.

Hannahs P.O.V

Brooke was taking for ever in the shower so i decided to start getting ready, i put on my high skirt and i loose bright orange top and my  bright orange heels. I put make on, a bit of foundation, mascara and bright red lipstick. I put my long brunet hair in a loose ponytail and i was ready. Brooke cam out of the bathroom, she looked amazing. Brooke said, "hey we have to go and btw you look amazing," i smiled and said thank you. We left the hotel and we were on our way to the concert.

We arrived at the concert. There was huge lines but we knew they wouldnt get shorter so we waited. We asked a stranger to get a photo of us together hugging, they teenager took it an gave me the phone back, we looked at the photo and decided to put it on twitter.

" at the @one direction concert with the best friend @13brookesweeney so excited. and boys if you read this can you all scream like little girls <3 *picture of me and Brooke* " We lined up for about 30 minutes until we finally got in . We walked in and found our seats. The arena was huge. We waited for a while until we herd the tune of LWWY come on and the whole arena started screaming including me and brooke. 

~30 minutes later

It was now time for the boys to start reading tweets. Omg the tweet i tweeted cam up and when it did harry's eyes widened and he said, "well arent these to ladies fine," The whole crowed laughed except me and brooke we were crying of happiness, yeah i know crying but seriously Harry styles just said we were hot !Then they started screaming like girls, we stopped crying and laughed, then the tweet changed. They read the rest of the tweets and then start singing again.

~End of Concert

Brooke's P.O.V

"the concert, was amazayn and OMG harry styles called us HOT ! omg they know who we are!" i said to Hannah excitedly she had to drive because i couldn't contain my excitement.

Hannah finely calmed me down as we arrived at the hotel. We walked in adn upstairs we where walking and laughing, we went inside, we where going to go to Nando's for dinner, We came home and put the stufff we got at the concert away and i quickly checked my twitter. I checked if i had any RT or Replies and i didnt i checked my followers i clicked on it i had one new follower i checked who it was and it was HARRY STYLES, i screamed and  Hannah came in i showed her my twitter and she screamed aswell because Niall also followed her, I then got 4 more followers and it was the rest of the lads i screamed even louder. My belly rumbled a little bit so me and Hannah left to go get Nandos.

Harry's P.O.V

wow those girls where hot. I liked the one with the whit top and jeans on, she was my favorite. I wish i could meet her, i wanna get to know her. I followed her on twitter after the concert and so did the rest of the lads. We all thought they where fit. (hot ) Niall liked the brunet better. Niall got hungry so we decided to go to nandos near our hotel, We got photos and gave signutures to some of the fans that where still their then we left.

We arrived at Nando's and sat down, we ordered our food and where waiting on it, Then they door opened and the conversation ended and i looked to see who it was quickly then turned back to the lads then relised had seen her before i turned back and it was the girls in the tweet, i whispered to Niall " Niall look there are the girls from the tweet," He looked over and got excited. Me and Niall decided to go talk to them. We hoped up and started walking over.

Brooke's P.O.V

Me and Hannah arrived at nandos we got distracted in a store so it took us a while to actually get to Nando's but we still went because it is Hannah's favorite take away.  Me and Hannah where talking while waiting in line, talking about cloths we saw in the store unitll two boys came up and said, "hi im harry and this is niall, we noticed you from the tweet we saw at the concert," I looked up adn saw Harry Styles and Niall Horan in-front of me. Hannah nudged me because i was staring because i thought it was a dream. i spoke " hi im brooke and this is hannah," They waved with big smiles on their faces, the lad said "may i help you ?" i said "1 sec'" to the boys, omg i felt rude for doing that but owell. Me and Hannah ordered then took a step to the side, and started talking to the boys again. Hannah said' " good concert boys, " i nodded in agreement and they both said "tanks," I laughed then i herd the door open i had a quick look to see who it was, i looked over hazzas sholder and it was eleanor and perrie.

Harry looked behind him when he saw me look then yelled out "hey girls, meet brooke and hannah," they walked over and by this time lou and zayn where by their sides harry introduced me and hannah and we said "hi to the girls," it went to a awkward silence until the lady said "hannah and brooke ?" we turned around and she gave us our food, We ordered take away because it was 9:00 and we wanted some sleep, we said bye and quckly gave everyone hugs including eleanor and perrie , i was a big fan of little mix so meeting perrie was so cool, then i hugged harry and said "seeya," he whispered bye back, his hug seemed longer then i pulled out and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then i ran out with hannah
We straiight away started smiling and laughing at what just happened, i quckly turned back to wave good bye to the boys, harry was still standing there watching me so i smiled and waved then quicly turned back to Hannah

Harry's P.O.V

oh shit i forgot to give brooke my number, then i also relised i was leaving brisbane tommorow morning. I relised i only knew brookes name and twitter name, oh no what if i never see her again, that cant happen.....









AUTHORS NOTE: comment what you think so far only first chapter but :)


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