Why can't I date him

Jessica styles just saw her brother for the first time in 12 years. But when her and Niall fall in love, Harry wants to stop it will their relation ship. Then the break up doesnt end well.


1. The Flashback

Flashback, 1996. In the UK........  "Hey, Mum. Can me and Jessica go outside and lay in the snow? Please, mum?" Harry said. "Sure, baby. Let me just get your sister all bundled up and she'll be ready to play in the snow with her big brother."

In Jessica's room........ Jessica is playing tea party with her dolls. "Hey, baby. You wanna go play outside in the snow?" She picks up Jessica, wrapping a scarf around her and puts snow boots on her feet. "Now, you can play outside." Jessica could hardly move. "mum, I can't move." oh come here twerp!" Harry picks Jessica up and lays her in the snow. "Harry, its cold!" she starts to shiver. "Come on! Lets make some snow angels." "

"Harry? Jessica?" a stanger says to them. Harry quickly sits up and his eyes widen. "MUM!!" Their mom runs outside, getting in frount of Harry and Jessica. "You stay away from them! Harry take your sister inside........ now!" Harry nods and picks Jessica up, still scared. "You took my son away and theirs no way you're taking my daughter also!" He goes over to Charlotte and punches her. Charlotte falls to the ground her eyes water. "MUM!!" Harry sceams and puts Jessica down to run over to her. "Mum, get up please." The stanger picks up Jessica and runs away with her. "NO!!" She tries to chase them but trips and falls. "Thats my baby!" Harry's eyes widen, seeing the stranger put Jessica in his car driving away.

Present day 2012.......... "So now you know why I blame myself every day that it's my fault I haven't seen my sister in like 12 years. Just because I put her down to check on my mum." he says. He looks like he's about to cry. "You never tried to contact her through like, Facebook, or anything like that?" Louis says. Harry shakes his head. "I don't get any results." "You don't think that your father killed her, do you? Since he's been abusive to your mum......" "LIAM!!! I've been worried about that for like 12 years. 12 years. I dont know where she is. And I think about her every day ." Harry says. He looks down with a sad look on his face. "I'm sure she's out there somewhere. But right now, we have a show to do. C'mon they can't see you down. Cheer up." Niall says patting his back. "And I know the perfect way." Zayn grabs a spoon and turns to Liam. "Oh Liam......" Liam's eyes widen and backs up agianst  the couch. "Zayn, get thoose spoons out of my face......" "You and spoons....." Harry rolls his eyes. "C'mon guys ..... you're up in 5." The stage manager hands them their micophones and leds them up to the stage.

During the concert........... The boys are performing 'Moments'. Harry starts hearing things in his ear monitor, confused, still trying to focus on singing the lyrics. Louis sees him strugging and mouths "You okay?" Harry puts his micophone down while Zayn does him part and walks over to Louis. "I heard that Jessica is going to come on stage and see me." "Well, where is she ?" Louis says. The stage mannager helps a girl on stage. The boys stop singing and turn to the girl. "Harry?" Jessica says walking over to him. Harry drops his micophone. "Jessi?" She nods slowly. "It's me, your little sister..........

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