Changes For whom?

Who are we and how do we choose to become what we are..


1. Changes for whom?

Sometimes you have to admit it, you can’t figure out what you want to become or who to become. You have had this idea or image of yourself since you were very young, but that can change within minutes. After all those years, keeping that person in mind, you’re bound to be that person or sometime you transform yourself into who you want to become, but then this day comes, or a thought hits you so  quick.. Do I want to become this person? Life changes you, time changes you, situation changes you, people around you change you, but how do these changes take place.. Over A night. No. Why do we change, is it for the best of us, or for the worst of us, who judges what we are or who gets the right to say who we have become? Are we good enough for these comments or judgements? Or are they good enough for us? Hear what they have to say about you, but then think to yourself how worthy is this comment and challenge them how well they might know you. Changes and improvements are made and built over years, learning from your weakness and then becoming/fulfilling what you want to be, you have in mind what kind of person you are, who you are as an individual, but how long do these improvements last for? After years and years, improving for whom? For yourself to impress yourself for becoming this somebody, or for others that you are this person who they ‘only’ approve off however you couldn’t give the slightest damn. It’s probably for the outside image for those people, but really they are just fooling nobody but themselves. All this build up of character, all these socialising for gossip, those rejection of people who want to be there for you but somehow you don’t want to be seen on ‘their level’ , except finding out these people live by people’s perception.

You’re doing no one a favour, you work hard to become a somebody, or some just don’t bother, but really you know the truth is in my eyes... Why become someone, when you already are somebody,. You  are your own self, you are who your family raised you to be, you are who  your friends loved you to be, you are who your enemies fought you to be, you are for whom God created you to be, and most importantly, you are who you choose to be , and nobody knows you better than yourself!

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