Journey to the unknown realm

(Jenny and the gang are back!)
When jenny and thegang get back from the visit to Midnight town they recieve on offer to stay at the perkiest hotel"WONDREFUL WONDERLAND!!"
It is there where they discover a mysterious realm filled with fantasy creatures.


2. The Letter

I started to open the letter when i saw a large dark shadow on the ground. Scared i slowly turned my head up. A wave of relief covered me as i saw it was just the gang. forgetting about the letter, i lead them to my up to my room. Jack was the first to relize the letter in my hand.

"What's that for?" At first i didn't know what he was talking about, but then i followed his gaze to the hand which was holding the letter firmly.

"I don't know who sent or what it's for" I replied starting to open the letter. Everyone watched eagerly. I carefully unfolded the letter.

"Hurry Up Jenny! You don't have to do everything so 'Careful'!" said Isi impatiently.

I read it out so everyone could hear.

"CONGRATULATIONS! You have one a seven ticket trip to 'Wonderful Wonderland!'. Your offer expires in 2 weeks(11.6.12). You may stay until your offer expires. Our partner is 'Happy Hotel' which is where you can stay."

I rushed to tell my parents. Then they allowed me and the rest of the gang to go tommorow and stay for TWO WEEKS!

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