The Same Direction

How did Harry, Niall, Louis,Liam, and Zayn become a band? Here is how it all began!


4. Louis

    "Louis please get back here!" Louis' babysitter Jenna chased after the little boy in the red and white striped t shirt as he sped down the street on his brand new bike.  He swerved around huge rocks and sticks that his training wheels couldn't tackle and kept right on zooming past house after house.

   "Your mom trusted me to get you to school this morning now come back, right now!" She hunched over and put her hands on her knees, breathing heavily.

    "Never!!!!" Louis leaned forward on his bike letting the crisp Autumn winds ripple through his chestnut hair.  His bright blue eyes sparkled in the morning light.  Jenna looked at her watch, it read 9:15.

    "LOUIS!!!  You're late and when your mum gets back from her trip to New York City she's going to kill me, literally, if you don't come back this instant!"  Her face was the color of red cabbage. 

    "Sorry Jenna, but I don't do what you say!  You aren't my mom!  You aren't my teacher!  You aren't my doctor, or my dentist, or my principal, or my favorite celebrity so I DON'T DO WHAT YOU SAY!" Louis kept on pedaling.

    "Actually Louis, you do do what I say, and when I say, and I say COME BACK!" Jenna yelled.

    "Ha ha ha!  Do you know what you just said?" Louis giggled.

    "Yes Louis, I said COME BACK, NOW!"

    "Wrong!  You said doo doo!" Louis then erupted into a massive fit of laughter.  He fell write off his bike and rolled around in the grass.  Jenna sprang forward and grabbed Louis by his tiny wrist.

   "Time for school Louis!" She said with a crooked grin.

    "Darn it!  I was so close to freedom!" He held up a clenched fist to the sky and shook it.

   Jenna let out a chuckle, "Come on Louis lets go home."

    They sped walk home and annoyed the disapproving looks from the neighbors who all seemed to be wondering why the little boy in the stripes and suspenders wasn't at school that fine Monday morning.

    "Alright Louis, I'm going to drive you to school, and I'm going to tell your teacher you had an important doctor's appointment, alright?" Jenna said as she opened a jar of peanut butter and spread some over a slice of white bread.  She put it in a Ziploc bag and stuffed into Louis' bright red lunch box.

    "Isn't that lying though?" Lois asked with large puppy eyes.

    "Oh can it, candy cane!" Jenna snapped.  She grabbed Louis' hand and dragged him towards her car. 

    "Oh no!  I forgot my rock I found last night for show and tell!" He made a lunge for the car door but it slammed shut.

    "We're already late enough, you'll just have to find something else!"

   "Fine!" Louis heaved with a grunt, and he stared longingly out the car window for the rest of the ride to school.



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