The Same Direction

How did Harry, Niall, Louis,Liam, and Zayn become a band? Here is how it all began!


1. Harry

    Just a few days!  Harry could feel it in his bones.  He wiggled his tooth again.  He couldn't wait to show James when he got to school.  James had already lost three teeth, but when this tooth fell out Harry would have lost two, the fourth highest amount in the class, right after Sue Birch, Dale Hirkins, and then James! 

    "Harry!" It was Harry's mom, "You're going to be late if you don't hurry up!"

    "I'm coming mum!" Harry pulled his blue hoodie over his mop of curly brown hair.  He grabbed a candy bar from his dresser and shoved it into his pocket.  He ran down the stairs and into the dining room.

    "Harry I've told you a billion times that you aren't supposed to run down the stairs!  It's dangerous!"  Harry's mother lectured without looking up from her pan of sizzling bacon.  Harry sat down at the table and tapped his fingers against the wood making a noise that sounded like the clopping of hooves against stone.  He kicked his feet back and forth.

    "Mum, are you almost finished?"

    "Just a second Harry.  Why don't you go brush your hair or something while I finish?"

    Harry got up from the table and cringed as his chair made a painful screeching noise when he pushed it in.  He swung open the door to the bathroom and stepped on to a bright green stool to look at his reflection in the mirror.  His hair looked brushed to him.  He stepped off the stool and ran back to the kitchen.

    "Done!" Harry said.

    "Your hair looks the same to me, are you sure it's brushed Harry?"

    "Yup, positive!" Harry chirped.

    "Cross your heart?"

   "And hope to die!" Harry made an x with his fingers across his chest.  "Is the bacon done?"

   "Yes it is!  Crispy, right?"

    "Ummm hmmm" Harry reached out for the bacon on the pan.

    "Wait until it cools off Harry!" Mrs. Styles swatted away Harry's grubby six year old fingers.  He giggled and pulled away.

    "Oh goodness, look at the time!  Harry I'm going to put the bacon in the fridge for when you get back from school!  You can eat a breakfast bar while I drive you." Mrs. Styles grabbed her purse from the kitchen counter and shoved the platter of crispy bacon into the refrigerator.  She grabbed Harry's back pack with her left hand and Harry's with her right as she shooed him out the front door. 




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