I'm Always There For You

A story of two wolves by the names of Jake and Jennifer have a friendship that becomes so much more. Even though disaster strikes round every corner they stay with one another. Nothing can break them apart.
But when Jennifer is taken away from Jake he stops at nothing to get back to her. He has always been there for her and will not let her go now.
If you love romantic stories and don't mind crying then read on. This is a very sad story. I won't tell you if it has a happy ending because I don't want to spoil it for you.
Just read on and please comment on what you think :')


1. Jennifer

There was a young female wolf by the name of Jennifer. She is quite the explorer. She is always running away from her den and going on big adventures. Her very protective dad is always getting nervous and telling her off for running off and not telling him where she's going. Jennifer knew if she told her dad, then he wouldn't let her go, so she just goes without him knowing.

Jennifer lived with her Dad in the middle of nowhere. There were no humans for miles. It was a very quiet place and there den was in a clearing under an old oak tree. It was a small musty smelling old den she had lived in all her life. She didn't mind this though. She liked to stay close to her farther since her mum deserted her a few weeks after birth. She had said she couldn't cope and one night she up and ran away while they were both asleep. Jennifer had never seen her mum again, and had never forgiven her. She never talks about her mum and neither does her Dad. But deep down she knows that her Dad really misses her mother. No wolf likes to live alone, especially after being bonded for life. It is against the wolf rules to bond another wolf after your heart is promised to another. Knowing her mother she has probably bonded with another. Jennifer was glad she was gone. She felt she only needed her farther. She was so busy on adventures and looking after her dad that she never thought of starting up her own pack. She wasn't interested in the whole love thing. Also no other wolves had been seen for ages. So even if she did want to start up a pack she couldn't. Lucky for her she didn't. She was happy enough with the lifestyle she had now. The forest all around there den. The old oak tree right in the centre of the lush green grass surrounded it. This is the place she would gladly forever call home.

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